Laundry App Development : From Trash to Fresh

Laundry App Development

With the onset of this pandemic, The ways to purchase a product or services are changing. “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new”- Socrates. New changes in the lifestyle can be observed, on-demand services and products are at the top when compared with any other industry.

Individuals are approaching the ways to be safe at home along with enjoying the same services at their doorsteps. Why would anybody step out in this condition when the same products and services can be provided at home?

Looking at the rising demand and supply graph of these on-demand services. New advancements are likely to occur in the near future where laundry services will be provided on a click at your doorstep. A new booming industry in this sector will be on-demand laundry services where washing, cleaning, and ironing will be done for you when you don’t get much time to do laundry.

The busy lifestyle and earnings of individuals promote the use of technology in enormous ways whether it is delivering items at the doorstep or laundry services on a click. Several reports also suggest that the laundry services and dry cleaning services were deemed at $60.88 billion and are likely to see a rise in the near future.

On-demand laundry services construct the process of washing more easily and speedily. Customers can use these services from planning the picking up of clothes and everything else attached to it. Like other sectors of on-demand services, the laundry sector also faces cut-throat competition.

However, if you focus on important features while making an online on-demand laundry service app, your business can speed up at a better place.

The necessary factors to consider while creating an on-demand laundry service app:

on-demand laundry service app

1. Project planning

After getting a crystal clear picture of how an online laundry service app functions. The foremost responsibility of the business owner is to make a project plan. The purpose of creating an app, important features, competitors, and the unique functions of the app should be mandated.

2. Scope of the project

Proper allocation of resources: From building an app to its service distribution everything should be framed out clearly. Hiring an app development agency is the best solution to curb all the technological menace.

All the basic formalities attached to creating an app get settled when you hire an app developer as they are well versed with all the rules and regulations that an app must follow.

3. Budget planning

After analyzing the scope and the purpose of creating an app, Planning the budget becomes a tedious task as the business owner needs a proper amount of funds to meet his needs.

The budget keeps on increasing or decreasing depending on the choice of features you want to include in your app. Including the required features only in the app will charge a nominal amount to the owners whereas including fancy features the owners will have to invest more.

4. App development

The idea gets more clear after the budget;  how a particular app is to be made. Hiring experienced app developers and designers to create an app. Designers layout the perfect design templates that meet the requirements of your app.

Several designs will be sent for seeking approval to the owners and accordingly, changes will be adapted if suggestions are made by the owners. Developers will create an app according to your desires.

5. Distribution

App distribution is nothing more than making it available for all the users on the app store or play store, you will receive all the necessary guidelines that have to be followed from the app developer company prior distributing it on the stores.

How to develop an on-demand laundry service app?

For creating such an app, the functions which are to be kept in mind can be divided into 3 broader categories:

on-demand laundry service app

1. Customer’s mobile app

  • Sign-up/ Log in

Users will be able to access the app only if they sign-up or login using their mail id, social media profiles or with their phone numbers. This step further saves lots of time for users as they don’t have to fill the large form describing all the specific details.

  • Types of clothes

Clothes are of different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors, and depending on the materials and colors , proper care is to be taken so that they appear fresher than earlier. Here in this feature, the customers are provided with a list of material types, types of cloth.

Clients can even choose the methods of washing: hand-wash or machine-wash.

  • Price estimation

The estimated price for your laundry services is provided once you choose the methods of washing and provides the actual number of clothes.

  • Pickups

Customers can provide the pick-up time. Such pick-up service providers ask the time and date when you want to get a laundry service.

  • Preferred laundry man

The frequent users can choose a laundry man based on their past experience

Whereas the new users are provided with a list.

  • Status of orders

After placing the order, clients can track the status of their order on the same app. The order gets updated by the laundry man depending on the procedure which he follows to wash clothes.

  • Order cancellation

After placing the order, users might just have to cancel the order depending on their specific reasons. Such apps are designed and developed to meet the customer need so there are many features already built in to solve such disputes. The laundry man gets a quick notification and further gets cancelled immediately.

  • Reviews

After enjoying the services provided by the app. Customers are asked to provide feedback for the laundry man as well as the services.

  • My offers

Offers are provided and the points are rewarded depending on the frequency of using an app by the same client.

2. Delivery app

When a customer places an order, it proceeds further to the delivery app. With this, Employees can :

  • Get information

A module scheduling pick-up and drop-up becomes easy for the delivery men as they can cover the same place within the same span of time and the cost of fuel also gets deducted.

  • Confirm orders

Before heading towards the destination, order confirmation must be made by the delivery man.

  • Map integration

The delivery men are provided with the maps on their mobile which facilitates them to navigate to the place from where the order was placed. The shortest route towards the destination is further provided by these apps.

  • Track overall Earnings

The delivery men will get the exact data on his earnings while using the app and if further information is needed the apps are also facilitated to provide information on their total earnings of the week or month.

3. Laundry app:

The delivery app is further associated with the Laundry app. All the laundry man are equipped with this app and the features of these apps are as follows:

  • Availability of customer’s data:

The laundry app suppresses information on the specifications about an order. The number of the order, material of the clothes, type of service.

  • Analytics and Statistics:

The laundry men are also equipped with the exact data on his earnings which works in the same manner as that for delivery men.

  • Order Execution

When the order gets completed then the delivery app is notified with the completion of the order and then again they execute the chain and deliver back the clothes to the clients.

To maintain a balance between these 3 platforms there lies an admin panel to further manage the gigantic database and make these apps more interactive.

Mobile app developers use technologies to develop such kinds of apps. The technologies used in creating this app are as follows:

  • GPS tracking

Gps performs an important role in all the on-demand services apps as it navigates the delivery men to reach the destination on the provided time. Gps also ensures the customer by providing them with the current status of their clothes and how far is the delivery of their clothes.

  • Cloud technology

Using cloud technology makes the laundry app more expandable as all the data will be stored on their servers.

Cloud technology also ensures the owners that the data with them are safe and secured and the secrecy will be highly maintained.

  • Store optimization

App Store or play store helps in promoting the app. Keywords, ratings and reviews are the ways through which the apps can flourish on App store and play store.

  • Report and Analytics

To get the desired success of the app. Keep focusing on the pros and cons of the app. With reports and analytics, the developer can easily eradicate the cons.

Information on sales, customer service, reviews are provided by such reports and analytics.


A customized app specially designed for laundry services will further advance your business to the next level. It must be taken into consideration that revenues will be generated by the company and such an app will be welcomed by all the customers.

However, there are no well established competitors of such apps till date. Entering the sector where there is less competition makes it easy for a startup to expand its roots and capture the huge opportunities from the market.

Easy and conveniency acts as the key factors to achieve the desired response of the owners by also satisfying the needs of the customers.

Launching such an app makes it easy and understandable to all the users; the different hierarchies working together keeps a track of the activities and that’s what makes the continuation of the loop. If a chain is disturbed then it might fail the working of an app.

Both the service providers and customers are provided an interface where the customers places an order and get executed by the employees easily.

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