Most Useful Writing tools for Author in 2024

Most of us like reading books and publications by specific authors. A key point which we don’t know is that authors put in days of endless hard work to come up with the best publications. Other than that, when a publication has a deadline, the creativity processes also have to be completed according to that timeline. On the other hand, if you are using the latest top notch technological tools, your life as an author would become much easier. This is a technology dominated era and quality tools are available for various purposes.

Most useful writing tools for Author in 2024

Given Below are some effective tools that make the life of an author much easier

1. Word counter

Every publication has to be written after considering a particular word limit. For instance, if you are author, you would want to keep the word count of a particular chapter below a certain margin. Even though when you are using MS word, the option to determine word count is available but if your document is in PDF format, this option does not exist. With the Prepost SEO word counter tool, this problem is solved in the easiest manner. Here are some key features of this tool that helps authors.

  • The tool supports major document formats including Word, PDF and text. Thus, if any of the documents are in PDF format, you do not have to rely on substandard converters to get the word count. Simply upload the document and consider the job done. This is a 100% free tool which simply means that you do not have to spend any money. It is an online tool so no downloads are needed.
  • Unlike a lot of other software applications, this tool does not have a complicated interface. All you need to do is follow few simple steps and the word count would be shown to you. You do not have to go through any trial version and then make payments for a full one. All the features are completely free.

Accuracy is 100%

Users expect 100% efficiency from a quality word counter tool. The Prepost SEO word counter tool is completely dependable. The word count revealed to you would be completely correct and you can rely on the results without a doubt.

Reading Time

The Prepost SEO tool goes the extra mile when it comes to helping users. For an author, determining the reading time is very important. You should know about the average time which a reader would take to read a particular chapter or content piece. With this tool, the reading time calculated for each text piece. Consider that you have written a particular chapter and want to know about the time that the reader would take to read it. There is no need to follow a lengthy procedure. Simply paste the specific text chunk in the provided text box or upload the chapter document. When the word count would be determined, the reading time would be calculated along with that as well.

Character Count

In some cases, readers want to know about the count of characters as well. When you are using the Prepost SEO tool, it determines the character count as well. You can know the number of characters in the content with and without spaces. In an overall manner, it provides complete word count information for a document or piece of text

2. Stay focused for chrome

There is a lot of difference between looking busy and actually being busy. Most people have concentration lapses when they are working using the internet. For instance, you have a presentation to make and you sit in front of the computer to make it. Apparently, you are very dedicated that the job would be completed in one hour. After five hours, you figure out that you have been wasting time on You Tube, Facebook and other websites. This is where you can use the Stay Focused extension for Google Chrome.

  • This tool has a very simple logic behind it. It restricts the time which you can use on entertainment and leisure websites for a particular day. For instance, consider that you can spend 4 hours per day on non-productive websites. When you are sitting in front of the computer and accessing these websites instead of working, the clock would be ticking. When you have consumed four hours for the day, you would not be able to access these websites for another 24 hours.

Better work focus level

It is impossible to complete your professional tasks in a proper manner if you are unable to focus on things. This does happen when you are continuously browsing nonproductive websites and wasting time.  With nonproductive websites getting blocked after a particular time span, the overall productivity level increases automatically.

3. Story Bird

Telling a story is an art where you need to assemble your ideas and present them in an interesting manner. Along with that, you should know your niche very well. For instance, some authors write stories on fiction because they know the niche inside out. Similarly, others write horror books in the best way.

  • Story bird is an amazing online platform on which authors publish their stories. There are various categories available for submission. For instance, if you like to talk about fiction, you can present your plot. Authors even have the option to present stories in the form of pictures. For users, story bird is a repository of quality stories from some of the best authors.

Summing It up

The selection of correct online tools makes life much easier for authors. Through technological tools, you can accomplish various tasks in a convenient manner. For instance, if you are using the Prepost word counter tool, you would know about the word count of a particular chapter or even the whole book without making any effort. This tool also provides users with the reading time that the user would consume. From an author’s perspective, this is important information

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