Reliable Digital Marketing Trends to Mark Out

Digital Marketing Trends

No matter what your industry is, or what product or services you provide – staying on top of digital marketing trends can change the game for you. With the digital landscape evolving every minute,it’s hard to keep up sometimes. To grow their business in new verticals and generate more leads and gain that competitive edge, it is best to keep pace with new trends.

Not to be outshined, here are some reliable digital marketing trends to mark out –

1. Voice search

Voice search

According to Google, 20% searches are performed via voice search on mobiles and is expected to be worth $40 billion by 2024. With verbal interaction on smartphones on the rise, marketers should definitely tap into this trend quickly.

However, keep in mind that voice search is completely different from typing a query and produces only a few results in search engines so specific and conversational keywords are the way to go here as searchers also use very targeted language when voice searching.

This can also be used to deliver specific content to increase engagement via better click-through rates.

2. Guest posting

Guest posting

Guest posting or blogging is publishing original and meaningful content on someone else’s website as a guest blogger. This is a great way of building long lasting relationships with consumers who want to hear more from an expert in their niche and build trust in the authenticity of your brand.

As a guest blogger, you can place inbound links in your post to your own website to increase traffic on your own blog. Take advantage of guest blogging to give the readers another chance to view your content as an outreach project for your SEO strategy.

This is a reliable digital trend that is a failsafe and always works in the favour of the business.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

The augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) market amounted to a forecast of $18.8 billion in 2024 and is expected to expand dramatically in the coming years.

With a global pandemic going on and social distancing measures in palace, AR is a godsend feature for people who are confused about which product to buy. By clicking on a post’s tagged products on social media, you can try on the publicized product digitally using your phone’s front camera and decide what suits you the most to prevent heartbreak when they are delivered.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

This revolutionary technology can help you visualize products in your home in their natural setting and makes it fun. AR/VR offer people a more immersing and engaging experience which marketers are tapping into as this is a future goldmine.

4. Chatbots

With 42% of people expecting a response within 5 seconds, it becomes basically impossible to answer all the waiting customers immediately. Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that communicates with users and assists them in their needs in lieu of a live human agent.


With the world moving towards automation,  basic customer support functions can be transferred to Chatbot as its AI evolves with more insights and offers improved customer experience. Bots result in targeted interactions without straining limited human resources of the business.

Keep in mind that this sophisticated software may help your business save millions in resourcing and time but will never replace the feel of human interaction that some customers crave.

5. Online reviews

Online reviews

Ah, good old word-of-mouth marketing. One of the most reliable digital marketing trends of this era, you can never go wrong with this one. With 82% consumers reading online reviews for businesses, client testimonials can boost your marketing strategy like no other.

These reviews can even make or break your brand’s ability to attract new engagement. It is easy to be all talk, no show but with real client testimonials to show as proof for unbiased opinions from verified sources can help your business stand out in the spotlight.

This is the best way to build trust before a customer even clicks on your website. So focus on making your customers happy and recording their reviews after the service has ended.

The best way to describe digital marketing trends is the statement – get involved or get left behind. There is no time to waste to stay ahead of marketing revolutions and applying these evergreen marketing trends can change the face of your business and boost your customer engagement rate.

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