Summer wedding: pros and cons

The most popular season for a wedding is summer. This time is associated with relaxation, warm rays of the sun, cozy evenings and bright colors. Therefore, people often plan weddings for the summer months.

A summer wedding is not just a beautiful celebration, it is also a huge range of possibilities and ideas not only related to the beaches. Just imagine a feast on a majestic Rocky Mountains or in a magical forest. In these cases you will need to order professionals that can catch the brightest moments like wedding photographers in Calgary that know how to make memorable photoshoots.

Summer wedding

No doubt, wedding photography is important because it will capture your day and your memories that tell a story. A beautiful story of your special day with your partner, a day you will never forget.

For a moment, you might think that this time is perfect, but do not jump to conclusions. Like any wedding, summer requires no less preparation.

Below there are other advantages and disadvantages of a summer wedding, as well as useful tips.


  • Weather. Summer weddings have a significant number of advantages that become decisive in choosing the season. Of course, the most important is the weather, thanks to which you can spend a longer photo session in the open air, not be afraid to freeze and enjoy the contrasting landscapes of warm colors.
  • Light clothing. It is nice to feel freedom of movement and soft flying tissues on the body. And in addition to outfits, you have the right to pick up beautiful and predominantly open shoes especially for ladies;
  • Menu. A wide variety of summer menus with ripe fruits, vegetables and barbecue dishes will become tempting. Don’t forget, seasonal food is always cheaper.
  • Bright photo shoot. Only a summer wedding photo session without additional decorations will be bright and memorable. You don’t have to rent a room in case of cold weather;
  • Flower season. There is no need to think a lot about the design of a restaurant, because the abundance of seasonal flowers will help you decide on the main and additional decor;
  • Summer vacation. It is an opportunity not only to spend time comfortably, but also gather with your loved ones on summer evenings, no matter where your celebration is in a restaurant, country house or under a tent.


  • Queues. The first thing that newlyweds always face is queues at registry offices, the Wedding Palace and banquet halls. To avoid this, you need to book dates beforehand, preferably at least from six to nine months in advance;
  • Problems with guests. The holiday season begins, and it is likely that not all guests will be able to attend your celebration;
  • Excessive heat. Summer is sometimes sultry-hot, but for sure this issue is easy to solve;
  • Prices. The demand for wedding specialists will increase dramatically and you will definitely have to look for them in advance.

Top Six Tips

Here, we offer you the main tips for a successful summer wedding.

1. Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day.

If your wedding is scheduled for the hottest days of the year, it would be better if people could watch the ceremony in the shade of a tent or pavilion. Also, do not ignore the sunblock and other means against sunburn.

In addition, the lighting factor is recommended to be discussed with the photographer. The style of the photo shoot, location and lighting must be in harmony with each other in order to get great photos.

2. Consider photo props.

Look carefully at your references and pay attention to all the additional details that are in the frame – hats, glasses, umbrellas, flowers, cups, blankets, and so on. Choose what you would also like to apply. You can consult with the photographer about some specific props.

3. Consider the Dress Code.

As one of the most important tips for a summer wedding, we recommend light and airy clothes that will not be difficult to match with a bridesmaid dress. Men should opt for vests instead of jackets. Tell guests to put on breathable clothes.

Finally, you and your loved ones should also be cool and comfortable. This day should be one of the best memories, and not full of sweat, smeared makeup and constant discomfort.

4. Be ready for summer rains.

Some people forget that there is also precipitation in summer. For example, in many climatic zones there are rains that can spoil the holiday. It is very difficult to take into account the summer showers, when preparations for the event take several months.

As your wedding date approaches, you will be able to receive more accurate weather forecasts, allowing you to plan accordingly. But it’s better to have a backup plan and enough shelter for everyone.

5. Food and health.

Of course, the food depends on the culture, traditions and preferences of the guests. However, the conventional food for the holidays may not be suitable for a summer wedding. In this case, it is always worth considering the menu and including cold desserts and light snacks, such as seasonal fruits.

Be careful with alcoholic drinks, especially when it’s hot. In such cases the heartbeat increases, blood vessels dilate and alcohol heavily burdens the body. The ambulance service should not be far from the place of the holiday.

6. House better than Hotel.

Hotels are the most common option for weddings, but not the only one. Renting cottages and houses can leave more pleasant impressions.

It’s also possible to rent beach houses. Families can stay together, cook at the kitchens and save money on food, and kids can go to bed early without interrupting the party.

The house also provides more privacy for the wedding party. They won’t have to walk around a crowded hotel in their wedding attire. On top of that, the adjacent resort area will be completely at your disposal, so you can decorate it to your liking and not be afraid that you will be distracted from the celebration.

Each season has its own specifics and unique charm, but a summer wedding can be both a great reason for a family gathering and meeting with friends, as well as a vacation.

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