The Surprising Impact of Blockchain Technology on Search Marketing World

Blockchain Technology and SEO are directly connected, which we would be able to see in the coming future. Both of them are ultimately the most important aspect of the digitalized world as one keeps a track of the trends, fashion and what is being searched more and the other keeps a track on all the activities of the user and protects them from the fraudulent activities.  

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO are the words or keywords which makes it easy for the content producers to sell or advertise themselves in an efficient way. These are the words which are in high demand when it comes to the traffic being attracted to the specific kind of trend or words that are being most searched on the internet.

Blockchain technology is what we have to bring more into fashion and use in the digital world as it is one of the safest forms of the encrypted system by far that makes no information to get prone to be modified or misused.

There are many situations and cases where blockchains can help solve some of the problems that are acting as barricades in the way of certain activities performed by and on the internet.

Protecting From PPC Frauds

Advertising being one of the most important and prominent parts of the internet and web pages, it also becomes equally important to keep a proper check on the advertisers and the fraudulent ads produced to protect the interest of the people and making them stay protected from the frauds.

PPC, Pay Per Click as we all know is a system which makes the advertisers earn a certain amount on every click by the viewer. These are the ads we see in our daily lives on every web page we open. Currently, Google and Facebook keep a check on the PPC. Certain authorities of Google perform functions for the efficiency in verifying the websites.

Now, taking into consideration the blockchains protecting the same information and verifying all the websites on time will make the system leading to proper and protected functions. Blockchains is by far known as the unbreakable form of chains, which ultimately makes it the most suitable form of the protected system when it comes to maintaining the standards of the internet by all the authorities and web pages involved.

Also, through the elimination of third party or the mediator authorities to maintain the standards for the business, will make advertisers and websites communicate directly with one another making the contracts more valid and true, verification easy. Also, this would make the advertisers and websites earning money through true click on the websites made by the humans and not the bots.

Through this, not only the advertisers and website owners are getting benefitted, but it is also the general public which is getting the freedom to click on the advertisements which are true and are not fraud, ultimately leading more and more traffic to the web pages.

Protection From The Sellers Of Fake Merchandise

Protection From The Sellers Of Fake Merchandise

One of the most shopped items by the buyers is clothes, shoes, DVD’s, and pharmaceuticals. Where there are genuine sellers of the product, there are also dirty fishes in the market who sells fake products on the name of very famous brands. Even after getting caught in the system, they do not really find it difficult to make new E-Commerce stores. In various cases, the fraud is performed by the supplier’s end and not from the direct sellers.

Not only this happens in the case of the products but can be experienced while buying services like logistics. Fraudulent activities by the E-Commerce websites lead the buyers to trust issues regarding all the websites which ultimately is suffered by the genuine websites.  

Blockchains can help in eliminating all these activities and would maintain a proper standard for genuine products to be sold by the sellers and other E-Commerce websites. It can also help in maintaining the clean and reliable search options for the buyers to make the products get rid of fraudulent deliveries of the items. Blockchains will also enlist the fraud websites to warn the buyers that will help them to spend on the websites which are not frauds.

Revelation of Bought Reviews and User Forums

Revelation of Bought Reviews and User Forums

Recently it has also been experienced that reviews can also be either bought or are made by the bots. This makes the reliability on the reviews of the products less effective. It is impossible for the buyer to know that by whom is the review posted i.e. they cannot understand if the review is the real one or posted by a fake buyer or a review is bough or might have been posted by a bot. Moreover, many of the buyers do not even have any idea that there are fraudulent products or services are sold on the internet by many sellers. Evidently, blockchain would build up a list and makes the fake reviews get wiped off from the websites. Blockchain would efficiently be able to verify if the customer or buyer is a genuine one.

Blockchains provide transparency and accountability for the buyers to surf safe and get rid of any disruptive activities performed on the internet.

With due respect given to genuine buyers and sellers, it is important that we realize the importance of blockchains.

Over to you!

With the world being digitalized, the most important aspect to be taken into consideration is the safety from all the frauds that might take place. Blockchains seems a solution for all. What are your thoughts about blockchain getting importance in the world of digitalization? In the world fully occupied with search engines at every step blockchains are one of the most crucial parts for the security being concerned! Do post your thoughts and queries and let us know if you think that blockchains can revolutionize the search marketing world.

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