Top 10 Experiential Marketing Solutions for Every Event

Top 10 Experiential Marketing Solutions for Every Event

As events are becoming more and more fun and brands are starting to recognize the sheer value and importance of connecting with their audience on a personal level, experiential marketing solutions are slowly but surely becoming the norm among companies looking to establish a stronghold in masses.

Designated as a fun, creative genre of exciting marketing gimmicks that both generate curiosity about the product/brand and give the guests a great time, experiential marketing solutions are the perfect option to get the flaky, excitement-seeking and selfie-cray generation of today, interested enough in your brand to attempt to engage and make a purchase.

For those who’re willing to go the extra mile to install experiential marketing solutions at their branded events, the options to choose from are intense.

From AR Photo Booth, GIF Booth, Instagram Hashtag Printer Booth, Social 360 Photo Booth, 3D Holographic Fan, Social Cafe, Tweet Cafe and lots, lots more. Below, we list the top 10 experiential marketing favorites in the event community.

Augmented Reality Booths –          

Also known as the mixed reality photo booths, AR Photo Booths are fun interactive tech solutions that let your guests pose in front of a green screen, with the backdrop of their choice.

The guests also have an integrated option to share their photos via Social Media, using your event’s unique hashtag, which not only makes your event’s social media reach shoot higher but also makes your brand stand out from all the authentic UGC generated. Considering all the benefits, it isn’t tough to see why Augmented RealityPhoto Booths are a hit amongst event managers as well as guests.

Photo/GIF Booth-

Who doesn’t love a good photo these days? Everyone, right from yourself to that 5-year old toddler in your neighborhood. And brands are much smarter to harness the photo-craze of this generation into workable, profit-generating and Uber fun interactive tech platforms, like the Photo/GIF Booth.

Comprising of a touch screen and a camera that snaps a photo of your guests being all goofy and creative, the Photo/GIF Booth also gives them an option to customize their photographs with a medley of fun and exciting customization tools, and comes with an integrated choice to share the photos and videos via Social Media once they’ve been completed.

Right on, it’s not rocket science to understand why it’s the rage it is within the interactive tech solutions circuit. It’s time you soaked up all there is to, from the Photo/GIF Booth at your events too.

GIF Booth

Instagram Hashtag Printer Booth –

With the use of modern photo booths quickly increasing, the Instagram Hashtag Printer booth is a smart, quirky and engaging solution to keep your audience entertained throughout the event. A put-together photo booth with a digital camera that snaps your guests’ wacky, Posey photographs, it also signs them with your event’s unique hashtag and lets them share it on their Social Media platforms with your event’s signature.

And that’s not even the best part of it. It’s the instant print-out of the photo that your guests get to take home with them, as a memorable keepsake of the event.Not only does all the online promotion gathers authentic UGC for your brand, but it also helps your event stand out from all the rest, andcreate trust andrecall value among your guests.

A win-win for all. Hiring the Instagram Hashtag Printer Booth for your events can be the smartest move you make today.

Instagram Hashtag

Social 360 Photo Booth –

Your guests are bound to love and remember your event if you give them an all-encompassing, celebrity experience therein. An easier way this can be done, if you(obviously) don’t want to invest in having a red carpet rolled down for all your guests and hiring a dedicated camera crew to snap their pictures at strategic times, is to enlist the help of the fun, utterly creative and entertaining Social 360 Photo Booth.

Essentially a setup with cameras put up in a 360-degree frame, but it snaps photos of your guests from every angle, making them feel genuinely like a celebrity being pictured from every angle.

Fast-paced and laced with fun features like freeze snaps, rotating angle snaps and others, it opens a whole new vista of endless digital possibilities for your branded event. With such creative and fantastic experiential marketing solutions up your sleeve, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to assess your brand’s future regarding securing a safe footing in the digital realm.

Social 360 Photo Booth

3D Holographic Fan –

Got a special message you want to tell every single one of your guests at your events? The 3D Hologram Fanis just the perfect fit for you. An interactive tech solution that projects your messages and images in a 3D holographic way for all your guests to see. It’s just the solution for you to showcase a fun montage of your guests having fun at your event, to some special message you’ve wanted to showcase, to delightful decorations at your parties, to almost everything else you want.So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and hire one for your next event right away.

3D Holographic Fan

Social Mosaic Wall –

A fun way to make your guests feel like they’re genuinely a part of your event, and also to integrate all the user-generated content into a much bigger, creative masterpiece as a signature of your event, the Social Mosaic or Photo Mosaic Wall as it’s often called, is the perfect interactive tech solution for you.

A fun wall that is designed from collecting and strategically placing together all of your guests’ photos into a marvelous, creative collage that represents the theme of your event in a magical way. Isn’t it a perfect experiential marketing tool for product launch events, concerts, corporate parties and more?

Think you found your best interactive tech fit? Go ahead and hire the Social Mosaic now.

Social Mosaic Wall

Social Cafe –

An exciting way to give your guests a treat for a tweet, literally. Social Cafe, also sometimes called the Tweet Cafe, is an interactive tech solution that prompts your guests to tweet about your event using your event’s unique hashtag, and in return, they get to take home a special gift meant just for them. This not only makes your events fun and engaging for your attendees but also becomes a great way to drive authentic UGC and better word-of-mouth for your brand.

By gifting your guests for tweeting out about your event, you also open up the doors for authentic and creatively-driven user engagement for your brand, that not only helps your brand’s social media profile shoot higher up, but also makes your attendees want to engage with your brand more and plausibly, turn into active customers.

There you go with all the top experiential marketing trends in today’s times. If you believe one or multiple of these can go along with your future plans for your guests, then hop right on the interactive tech solutions train, and make your brand’s digital profile shoot high up with fun, creative, original and entertaining experiential marketing solutions.

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