Top Free SEO Tools that you should be using in 2024


Search Engine Optimization is becoming more and more important with each passing day. New trends like the AI revolution and the rise of the voice research means that if you wish to stay afloat then you need to up your SEO game. If you are planning to get started with SEO and want to achieve better results by just making the minimal financial investment then we suggest you try some of these best SEO tools.

Google Analytics

It is an invaluable resource which is virtually indispensable to a digital marketer. It helps provide data on websites like website visits, location demographics, and traffic resources. After getting detailed information from Google Analytics, digital marketers easily tweak their content strategy and figure out what will work and what won’t.

Google Analytics is a tool or we can say one of the best free tools that every digital marketer must be using. Google provides a huge number of other tools like Search Console, Keyword Planner, Page Speed Insights and Sheets.


This toolbar works supremely well with the Chrome browser. It provides easy access to the advanced metrics on the SERPs and WebPages. With the help of the MozBar, you can easily access the domain authority scores and the page of any site. The page analysis feature allows you to explore elements on any page (e.g. page title, general attributes, link metrics, markup).


This one excellent keyword research tool amongst the various other things makes it easy to find the keywords on any page. Also, you can create an SEO Audit Report with this free SEO tool. By simply downloading this SEO tool you can check for the loading speed, content issues, content issues, meta tags, internal linking, JS and CSS errors and loading speed. Some other features that SEMrush offers are that it gives unlimited access with the various paid plans. The plans are not cheap you can get started with the 14-day free trial.


It is one website which comes handy to provide useful insights which will further help to improve the SEO score of your website. Woorank generates the SEO score of the website and also creates an actionable “marketing list” which will outline steps you can take to fix problems with the SEO of your website. One another cool feature is that it is a social shareability pane. It also comes with a mobile section where you can find information on how your pages would render on mobile devices and quickly they load.

Google Search Console

This particular tool is an absolute essential for executing an SEO campaign. With the help of Google Search Console, you can easily access huge information on the performance of a website. You can learn which pages are delivering the best performance and also the keywords that are being used by the people to reach your content and the number of pages that have been already indexed. Based on the above-mentioned information it will become a lot easier to modify the content strategy. You must keep your content and the keywords embedded in it up-to-date. To keep your content updated and market it on all the right channels for maximum conversion, here are the 4 simple and effective steps for marketing your blog online

  1. Create new blog content often
  2. Leave comments on other blogs
  3. Make sure to acknowledge comments on your blog
  4. Make it simple to subscribe to your blog

SEO Quake

This is a chrome extension which is a quick SEO checker that performs instantly on the on-page audit for checking the SEO metric on any website. The link checker in it helps you to access the external as well as the internal link which includes the URLs, link types and anchor texts.  It can easily pull the data from the multiple sources which includes Alexa, Google Rank, Yahoo Index, SEMrush, social media and more. You can fetch and export important reports from it. It also provides you with the keyword research tools and further allows you to narrow down the search using filters.

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