Top tips for keeping your website safe and secure

Top tips for keeping your website safe and secure

Nowadays, having a website has become much easier because of the availability of various easy website designing platforms. Now, every business is having a website which is making them genuine and giving them an opportunity to grow in the digital world. But many people ignore the factor of security on their website and that’s where things go wrong.

Many people think that their website wouldn’t be hacked because there is nothing worth being hacked but that’s not true as websites are compromised all the time. The hackers take control over a website not to steal any type of data or to mess up with the layout but to use your server as an email relay for spam or even for setting up a temporary web server. You can even be hit by ransomware and that’s why it becomes important to keep your website safe and secure from every possible threat.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at some of the top tips which you can use in order to keep your website safe and secure from every possible threat of the modern day era.

Always keep your software up to date

It may sound obvious but in order to stay safe and secure, you always need to keep your software up to date. Such practice should be applied for both server operating system and the software solutions running on your website like CMS or forum. Outdated software solutions have multiple security loopholes and any hacker can easily take advantage of such carelessness.

In case of managed hosting solution, you don’t need to worry about the updation of the software solutions as it is taken care by the hosting provider itself. But if you are using third party software on your website then always be ready to apply any type of security patch. Most of the CRM solutions will notify you when an update is available just after you log in. Bots keep on scanning various websites in order to find loopholes but if the software solutions used on your website are updated then they can’t harm you.

Take care of your password

Take care of your password

The security of your website is dependent on the security postures adopted by you. You must take your password seriously otherwise it can be used to take advantage of your website. There are many admin of websites who doesn’t even have a password at all and such practice can put your website at serious risk. You should know that there are various lists of breached password online and most of the hackers use these generate even larger list of potential password.

You should always set a strong password for your website. You can create a password with a mix of numbers, alphabets and special characters. Such type of passwords are almost near to impossible to break. You should never set easily guessable passwords like your birth date, your phone number, your house number, etc. Such type of passwords can be breached by even the most inexperienced hacker. Along with this, you should also never reuse your password as if one credential is compromised, all your login details will become vulnerable.

Always encrypt your login pages

With the evolution of the security and safety measures, hackers have also evolved and they use the latest tool in order to hack your website. In this modern day world, where there are various safety and security threats, encryption acts as a savior for you. Enrcyption is the simple process of converting your data into a specific code format which can’t be read without the right authorization. Most of the data on the cloud is in encrypted form and that’s what prevents hackers from getting their hands on your data on cloud.

You can use SSL encryption on your login pages and enhance its security. With the help of SSL, you will be able to transmit various sensitive information like credit card details, social security number and login credential securely. The information entered on the login page is encrypted and that’s how it become useless to the third party. By using the amazing encryption, you will be able to keep hackers away from your login credentials and other sensitive information.

Never forget to change the default CMS setting

You should know that most of the CMS platforms can turn out to be quite tricky from the security perspective for the end users. Most of the attacks on the websites are completely automated and many of these attacks are dependent upon the default setting left unchecked by the user. So this means that you can easily minimize the chances of your website being hacked by a great extent just by changing the default CMS settings.

There are various default CMS settings which you might want to change like control over comments, visibility of user information, file permission and much more. You can change the default settings while installing the CMS or you can do it later as well but you should never make your website vulnerable by leaving the default CMS setting.

So, if you own a website then you need to make it safe and secure as the modern hacking methods might compromise the unchecked safety measures on your website. Use the tips mentioned in this blog post and keep your website ultra-safe from all the possible threats.

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