13 Ultimate Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Conversions are the backbone of every promotional campaign online. Digital marketers understand the importance of conversion rates better because they spend long hours every day, converting the website’s visitors into paying customers.

13 Ultimate Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate


It is the key to exchanging thoughts, language development, and the way to listen to each other in business. In other words, we can assume that it is the percentage that tells that the visitors’ desired goals are accomplished after making the purchase or after filling the form on the website.

Do you run a marketing campaign to get the traffic to your website? Of-course you do. Many business owners today prefer Google Ads to double the conversion rates.

A lot of them increase ROI and drive conversions with the lead generation advertisement. It is obvious you advertise with the intention that people come to your site and do what you want.

The company can make a profit only if the consumer checks into a platform and buys those things that you are offering to them.

The goal of the digital marketing company is to improve the conversion rates because it puts the business on the road to success. The higher the conversion rate you will gain, the faster the website’s design will quickly touch the heights.

After knowing the specialties of the e-commerce conversion rate, do you feel curious to know more?? We have specially mentioned the 13 ultimate ways to help you boost your conversion rate that you may find very helpful for your business.

Easy Ways to Grow Your Conversation Rate Right Now

1. Build More Landing Pages

One of the great ways to increase the conversion rate is to build more landing pages. You can also use videos on these pages to experience the conversion by 86% faster.

According to the statistics, businesses that have over 40 landing pages on the professional website become successful in generating a whopping 12 times higher leads than those with only 1 to 5 pages.

The data also revealed that after increasing the number of landing pages, enterprises had seen a 55% rise in leads.

2. Reduce Bounce Rate on Website

It is essential to reduce the bounce rate on websites because it is the proven strategy used by reputed professionals like Neil Patel to increase the sales funnel conversion.

A high bounce rate is a sign that exhibits that your strategy is wrong or something not good on your website. The bounce rate gets off when your website doesn’t make a good interaction with the customer.

Essential tips to reduce your bounce rate

  • Perform A/B Testing.
  • It allows customers to speak for you.
  • Upload some high-quality images.
  • Use videos to attract an audience.
  • Speed up your website or improve the website’s performance.
  • Offer a fantastic user experience.
  • Optimize your call-to-action design.
  • Improve the readability score of your content.

3. Add Live Chat Feature on Website

One more study of Statista delineates that live chat leads help to intensify the revenue directly by 48% when the business owners chat with customers for up to one hour. It automatically boosts the conversion rate by 40%.

The live chat feature is wonderful to let the people know ‘what the product is,’ ‘aim of the product,’ & ‘what benefits they can claim after the purchase.’

Useful tactics to increase your conversion rate with live chat

  • Integrate your live chat tool with email and VOIP.
  • Show your customers that you are available 24/7 hours for them.
  • Include customizable pre-chat surveys.
  • Use canned messages to build an excellent reputation for the company.
  • Always make a quick response.

4. Include Authentic Customer Testimonials on Your Website

According to the research, 70% of customers check product reviews before purchasing anything from e-commerce websites.

A good testimonial can convince the most unenthusiastic visitors that your products are valuable and can make a difference in their lives.

The survey of Zendesk said that 90% of users make buying decisions when they see positive reviews on the platform.

Make sure the testimonials you include on the site should be authentic and come from the genuine accounts.

5. Eliminate the Unnecessary Fields from the Online Form

Too many fields make the customers so irritating while filling the online form. This one is the major reason that forces them to leave the page without buying anything.

If your site contains the unnecessary fields in an online form, you should first remove some of them or take any initiative to improve the conversion rate.

Generally, 3 is the optimal number of form fields and assists in maximizing conversions.

Yet the study of Formstack conveys that they have examined the over 650,000 data of their customers and found that lead generated form contains an average of 11 fields. Even after so many input boxes, they saw the 17% rise in conversions.

Overall, it depends upon the business-to-business. But you should try to give less hassle to your customer, especially if they come to you to fulfill the shopping needs.

6. Enable & Configure Third-Party Sign-Ups

It is so difficult for the people to remember too many passwords of separate sign up forms. You should provide them with an alternative login system.

For Example, Instagram allows users to use the application by direct login through the already made Facebook account.

The one-click sign up service with Google or social media app can grow your website’s conversion with about 8.2 percent.

Again repeat, extra form fields like job title, company name, phone number hurt the success rates of business.

7. Offers Free Trial or Money-Back Guarantee

The free trial of 7 days provides an increase of 15% in revenue over the 30 days money-back guarantee.

Basically, it is the smart trick that gives confidence to the business owner that the person will come again and use the service for a more extended period.

Being a marketer, you are very much aware that no customers want to take risks. They don’t make the payments until someone gives them a surety that the site is secure.

Tips to give a money-back guarantee without getting a ton of refunds

  • Put yourself on the customer’s shoes.
  • Build delightful products or services.
  • Give at least 60 days of guarantee to gain 7% more sales.
  • The shipping policies and return policies should be maintained well on the website. It ensures the customers that they will get their money back in case of the return shipment. The best example is Amazon. Just imagine why people trust Amazon service, this one is the ideal option that brings trust towards the company.
  • Include an account cancellation form on your website that will let you know the bad experiences of the people with your service.
  • The meaningful insights about their refund reasons will help you to make further improvements. Eventually, it aids your e-commerce store to boost conversions.

8. Use Countdown Timers to Get Good Conversion Rate

Retailers can create a sense of urgency to their customers’ minds and encourage them that the product is really important to buy in the sale.

Several shopping websites like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Myntra use the countdown timers to attract the customers with exclusive deals.

The timers can also be used for email conversion. As per the CXL study, one company generated 332 percent of revenue when using the countdown feature with a limited-offer symbol.

Important tips to remember before placing countdown clock on custom website

  • Be loyal to your customers.
  • Display only useful information to make things clear.
  • Place on one main page, not on all.

9. A/B Test Your Headlines or Entire Content

Traffic is the essential ingredient that everyone wants to get on their tailor-fit websites. But the copied headlines and content give realization to the customers that they have nothing unique to see.

A/B testing is vital to adjust the length of the headline properly. Other than that, it is imperative to experiment with some more variables such as tone, use of numbers, use of statistics, etc.

By making a few changes with A/B tests, you can refine the conversions with at least 48.69%.

10. Provide Clarity in Your Brand Storytelling

The main motive of the storytelling is to attract the targeted and relevant audience. It has the ability to bring your brand to life.

You should hire the experienced content writers or copy bloggers to appeal your content to users in an emotional or most dynamic way.

The clarity should be on-priority as it maintains the trust between the customers and the company.

If you wish for the business growth, you should keep your story memorable. The interactive story makes the customer a real hero for any brand.

11. Develop a Powerful Call-to-Action or CTA Button

Call To Action is the next big thing that allures the visitors after reading the headline.

Always develop the compelling CTA buttons because it allows the users to tap on it and encourages them to see what’s interesting on the website.

The optimization of CTA is ultra-important to ensure that every element is accurate and appropriate according to the service.

Remember, the small change on the text button has a significant impact on your conversion rate.

It connects the individuals with the brand and converts to leads so that they can closely identify the deals.

The excellent CTA improves usability and guarantees that people will pay a good time on site.

The more they devote time to your platform, the more engagement rate you can instantly get for your business. Moreover, it is a great strategy to take the bounce rate to an excellent stage.

The Final Thought

You have just read the thirteen ultimate ways to amplify your conversion rate that are flawless to reduce the bounce rate too.

Your content should be of high quality that will succeed you faster than anyone.

If the poor-quality content improves your bounce rate at once, it doesn’t mean every time you get the same results.

It would be better to maintain the 100% accuracy on your website because that can help you achieve your goals.

Some of the strategies can really give you relatively fast results, but you have to continue the experiments and should try to study all-above-mentioned points individually.

If you are the business owner who has a desire to satisfy the users from every end, you should practically implement these methods in real-time.

The insane benefits of CRO (conversion rate optimization) are given below:

  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs.
  • Leverage existing traffic on your website.
  • Improves website search engine ranking that automatically intensifies the website’s conversion rate.
  • Make paid advertising campaigns meaningful and profitable.
  • Enhance the trust of your website.
  • Get more leads for your business.
  • Promote website revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Why is the optimization of conversion rate important?

Answer 1: The optimization of conversion rate is requisite for getting more value from your customers.

It enables you to minimize the acquisition costs of users. It can increase revenue based on per visit and help you preserve a stable position in the online market.

Question 2: How conversion rates are calculated?

Answer 2: Take the number of conversions and divide it with the overall number of ad interactions.

For example, if you have 50 conversions from 1,000 interactions, you can divide the 1,000 by 50, which will give you 5% of the conversion rate.

Question 3: Can we use AdWords for conversion rate improvement?

Answer 3: Yes, you can use AdWords or Google Ads to improve the quality score of your conversion rate.

The CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign is superb to highlight your ad in front of the vast audience. It gives you insights through that you can analyze the ad experience with your customer.

You can run the branded campaigns to beat the competitive market or find the PPC expert to make your work easier.

Question 4: Difference between conversion rate & click-through rate?

Answer 4: A CTR (click-through rate) is the measurement that tells how many people click on the ad when visiting the landing page or the website. However, the conversion rate shows the percentage of app visitors who have completed an action after visiting the website.

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