What is the Job and Career Scope of a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Digital marketing is a booming industry and it holds the key to an in-demand profession as a digital marketing specialist. Many businesses and brands have started to focus their activities on digital marketing by realizing its importance, and this has created a great demand for professionals with specialized digital marketing skills.

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This blog focuses on the importance of digital marketing, its career scope and the demand for digital marketing specialists.

Why Digital Marketing?

It is predicted that by the year 2024, all the countries around the world will go digital. The Pandemic spread of COVID 19 has made this statement more strong. Not only money and e-commerce facilities, everything else including the office work has shifted online. During such circumstances, the necessity for businesses to move online will create more competition and generate more demand for digital marketing.

A digital marketing career can offer multiple career choices and good pay, seriously widening its demand and scope in the marketing space. Apart from these, there is a broad scope for digital marketing as a brand promotion platform. It is a multi-platform media which is reliable and fast and can be used for marketing to a mass audience by specifically targeting them.

Digital marketing is perhaps the only cost-effective and most viable method compared to traditional advertising methods in order to get your message out and build a solid consumer base. It will offer you not only great value for money but enter into a greater barrier and scale-up.

Digital Marketing can help you to build a great career and you can consider the following things if you choose to be in this field.

  • It will offer you lucrative job opportunities
  • If you’re skilled, you’ll be in high demand
  • It can offer a challenging job but equally exhilarating
  • You’ll have to choose the sector’s interest
  • It can lay the groundwork to help you become an entrepreneur
  • To become a digital marketing specialist, you’ll require no specific educational background
  • You can easily make money if you know the job

Scope of Digital Marketing

Since digital marketing emerged as the fastest mode of promotion and marketing, its scope and the budget set aside for advertising doubled than the traditional marketing methods.

Business to Business (B2B) uses digital marketing to generate leads, to improve website traffic, improve social reputation, to run paid campaigns and to target audiences inexpensively. While Business to Consumers (B2C) marketers’ use digital marketing to focus on improving their brand awareness and attracting customers to their websites and products using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. In addition to social media, businesses are using other digital marketing mediums like email marketing, paid search and other methods to reach new audiences.

When compared to traditional marketing methods, the scope of digital marketing is wide as it enables you to reach out to a larger and wider audience. Therefore the companies focusing their investments in digital marketing activities are on the rise.

The boom of smartphones with different capabilities and the emergence from 2G to 5G networks enabled 93% of people’s activities to shift online. Most of them start their day with an online search which ensures the effectiveness of search engines and the Search Engine Optimization. SEO is part of Digital Marketing is also a superior marketing strategy while about 50% of the world’s population make an online purchase at least once a month. Therefore, if you’re planning to start or lead your business, a basic understanding of digital marketing is always helpful in converting leads to customers.

Careers in Digital Marketing

As companies continue to explore the online marketplace for a wider reach, more careers in digital marketing are becoming available to meet these needs. While, if you want to be a digital marketing specialist, you’re responsible for following the latest trends and incorporating these trends into your strategies. You need to see digital marketing as an influential, reliable, measurable, and user-friendly platform.

High Paying Roles in Digital Marketing

The highest paying job in digital marketing is the role of a digital marketing manager. Other high-paying digital marketing roles include PPC specialists, social media marketing specialists, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists and digital marketing consultants. Content Marketing Specialists can include Bloggers, E-mail Marketing and Vloggers who professionally do the marketing through audio, video and written content in the digital marketing space.

Below, I have specified the most popular high-paying job roles in detail to help you choose the best ones and start focusing your career.

Digital Marketing Manager

If you want to become a digital marketing manager, you’ll have to take up the responsibility of managing various aspects of a company’s online marketing strategy-i.e from social media to search engine optimization.

As the manager of a digital marketing team, to be successful in your role you’ll have to blend hands-on technical knowledge and management experience.

Successful digital marketing managers bridge the gap between the business goals of the management and the technical demands of SEOs, social media managers, media buyers, and more.

This will demand a digital marketing manager to have more than just digital marketing knowledge but also need to understand how to set goals, schedule deadlines and organize a team of anywhere from two to 50 or more different people. Moving on from an SEO expert into a management role after spending years working hands-on in SEO or media buying, the chance of skill sets can be difficult. But, you can learn management through the knowledge and experience of others.

A digital marketing manager can earn a good salary. But, how much you can actually earn depends on a lot of things like experience, size of the company you work for, type of clients, and the success stories.

In digital marketing everything is measurable. As a digital marketing manager, if you can create a track record of increasing traffic and conversions of business, you are more likely to earn more than managers you only know the theoretical part.

PPC Specialist

You might have learned that there is huge demand for PPC Specialists as there is a massive spike in the online business competition and advertising. If you want to become a PPC Specialist, you must be good at analysing how people behave online and take decisions. A PPC Specialist must understand the importance of the psychology of language in PPC.

A PPC Specialist has the responsibility of managing internet pay-per-click advertising campaigns. The job includes managing the SEO, trend watching, strategy planning such as keyword research, design, implementation, and analysis of ad performance. Although it might look interesting, it is a challenging role and requires a unique skill set to nail a PPC campaign.

Your ads will have to create a sense of urgency, be creative and clever, and the used keywords, copy, and visuals have to work together beautifully to encourage people to click through to your perfectly designed landing page.

PPC advertising is a career you have to learn by doing and making mistakes. Be willing to get your hands dirty and be prepared to fail.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

When it comes to marketing brands and businesses through social media, a Social Media Marketing Specialist should have the ability to navigate the social media landscape and have an understanding of its role in marketing.

A Social Media Marketing Specialist’s role consists of defining, developing and incorporating a social media marketing strategy for a business or brand. If you want to be a SM Specialist, you’ll have to accomplish these strategies by:

  • Conducting a social media audit, identifying the blocking elements and doing a competitor analysis.
  • Communicating your social media goals in line with broader marketing objectives
  • Distinguishing content pillars that will guide your marketing strategy
  • Identifying and deciding which social media platforms will be optimal to specific strategies

Social media marketing management is now very common across all businesses with a marketing function. Therefore, the scope of career paths and diverse range of roles mean that whether you’re a Content Marketer or a Media Coordinator, it is a skill which can be transferable and can make an impact on your career or business goals.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The job of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist today is very challenging, as the online trends keep changing. As SEO Specialist your job is to make your website show up at the top of the search engine results. To bring your or your company’s/ clients sites up, you’ll have to really work hard. It involves site analyzes, reviews checking and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to the site by doing all the means (in terms of content) to improve the page rank within search engines.

As an SEO Specialist you need to understand what is SEO copywriting, deeply understand all aspects of keyword research,  and serve in liaison between various departments (content and marketing). If you can keep up with the trend and make a drastic impact in the business, you’re successful in what you’re doing. A successful SEO Specialist earns good and will be high in demand.


Careers in the digital marketing space are widely available, but a solid understanding of these techniques and strategies are essential to succeed. Fortunately, there are many providers of Digital Marketing Training programs to help you keep up with one of the world’s fastest-growing disciplines. Through dedicated online and classroom training, you can learn the lessons of digital marketing and specialize in areas of SEO, social media, Web Analytics, PPC, email, and content as well mobile marketing tactics to be able to launch and maintain effective campaigns.

How to become a professional digital marketer? You must have to improve your digital marketing skills, which is crucial for success in this field. It will help you to take on more responsibilities and give confidence to succeed in your chosen career path.

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