Why Google Algorithm Is Important For Seo

What are Google Algorithms..?

Keeping up with the digital marketing trends, Google Algorithms is not a new word to you. Let us tell what it exactly means.  Computer systems work with a logical approach of understanding codes that are delegated for specific functions. Similarly, Google is a search engine that is developed using various dynamic sets of algorithms.

Google Algorithms:-

Let us understand it practically. You search something on Google, and you get a list of websites in regard to your search. Now the websites are displayed in an order. What determines this order is what we call an ‘Algorithm’.

Google rolls on new innovative updates for these Algorithms every time to time for an efficient and standardized results. Google Algorithms has been updated several times till date and hence it is the most efficient search engine.

In other words we can also say that Google Algorithms are a set of pre-decided commands for giving the results relevant to the queries that are made.

How important is Google Algorithm for the SEO?

It is known fact that Google uses Keywords to determine the ranking of the web

pages. The best way a business can adopt to determine ranking for its webpage is through doing SEO. In other words we can day that SEO is another way to inform Google what the particular website is about or what it deals with majorly.

After the understanding of SEO, businesses started stuffing the mentioned keywords at unnecessary places, with an idea to improvise on their SEO ranking. Businesses assumed that the maximum amount of the keywords used in the web content will help them increase their SEO ranks.

How important is Google Algorithm


Hence, Google Algorithms came into picture to stop the process of spamming. Google Algorithms looks after the fact that they key used on the web content are relevant and are not stuffed in places where not required. Also to stop the process of spamming, Google declared the websites with the major amount of unnatural keywords will be banned from the search rankings and the bans will be removed only after the websites deleted or withdrew the non-organic back links or keywords.

Which elements matter the most when it comes to Google Algorithms?

Google Algorithm reads a webpage according to the keywords that are listed and seeks them on the webpage. The numerical value of the keywords is added to the end results. Hence, any webpage that fits the requirements of the desirable traits rises at the top of the rankings of the web page.

The results are calculated very quickly and efficiently by Google as a result of which minor fluctuations can be observed in the rankings of the page in accordance to the search results every now and then. Majorly, the top positions in the ranking are held by business that use Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO on their websites. These SEO helps the WebPages to main their ranking on the Google Search Option.

Google updates it’s Algorithms very frequently and hence there are various elements that one should keep in mind to maintain a SEO rank in accordance to the updates in Google Algorithms:-

  • The appearance of Keywords given by Google in title, header tags and meta-description in the web page.
  • How many times does a organic link occur that leads to the page.
  • How the website performs when it comes to devices such as tablets, smart phones etc.

How important is Google Algorithm for the search option?

Google Algorithms play an important role for a business website when it comes to search options. Google Algorithms decide the order in which the results of a search will be displayed on Google. Thus, Google Algorithms play an important role in the website ranking of the website. There are various algorithms that are rolled on by Google in order to protect the originality of the content of the website. Responsive layout of the website also helps to improvise on the web page ranking in accordance to the search filters.

Future of Google Algorithms:-

Google Algorithms reads the back links that are non-organic and artificial. This will make a negative impact on the ranking of the website in the search results. Google has set various algorithms that fetch keywords from the website, which decide where to rank the website when it is searched on Google. Moreover, there are Google Algorithms that monitor the loading speed of the webpage when it is searched for. This is also responsible for the website ranking.

Future of Google Algorithms:-

Google hardly gives any indication of any upcoming changes in the Google Algorithms. It only gives indications when the changes in the Algorithms are major and may have significant on factors such as SEO, website ranking. Hence it is of vital importance to acknowledge the power that Google Algorithm offers and one should try to make the best website possible.

Google rolls on new updates in the algorithms every 500 to 600 times a year. Hence it can be stated that Google Algorithms has much to hold on for the future as the era of digital marketing has just began, and Google Algorithm has a big role to play to stop the elements such as spamming, duplication of web content etc. Updates of Google Algorithms will have a positive impact on the ranking signals. Placing an appropriate strategy when it comes to search engine optimization is an assured way of securing good website ranking and attracting more site traffic.

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