Why is Social Media Presence Important for Business Marketing?

There are more than 582 million businesses around the globe, and one out of two persons on this planet uses social media. So, if you think you will be thriving with your business ignoring this large competitor base and putting aside the social platforms with such a behemoth population, you’re absolutely in delusion. Social media is the game-changer in this era of an unprecedented technological upswing. As 4.2 billion people in the world are using at least one social media platform at this moment, your social media strategy is going to play a crucial role in moulding up the business for good.

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Here in this article, I will be showing you 21 reasons why the presence in social media kicks off the company from the word go and how this presence ultimately dictates the pace and rhythm in your calculated marketing strategy.

21 reasons why social media presence is important For Business Marketing

1. Make your Customers ‘aware’ of your brand

There is no better tool in the world than social media to mark your step and increase your visibility. With over 53% of people online, why should you tick the traditional marketing column in the first place? Social media brings viable solutions when you’re struggling to create a place for yourself in the heat of the competition. There’s no better way to let your customer discover you out of the crowd as 83% of Instagram users said they find out a new product in Instagram, not through any offline marketing program.

2. Engage the customer more easily

Direct interaction with a brand can influence a typical customer to bring ten more customers to your brand’s doorstep. A simple amusing reply to your customer’s hilarious comment can engage immense customer traffic to drive into your zone. Again, Video is the biggest engager in the age of communication, and it causes the most ad clicks on Facebook. So, there’s no way you should miss the opportunity to engage with the people who can drive your brand’s sales by themselves.

3. Shoot up the customer satisfaction

Networking and communicating with the customer help you build stronger ties with your customer base. ‘The stronger the bond, the more satisfied the customer’- it’s not rocket science to comprehend. Social media handles provide you with a plethora of options to grow the network and this, ultimately helps customers come closer to the brand you developed over the year. Hence, customer satisfaction skyrockets given you did everything right in time.

4. Make a loyal customer base

If the first three points went on without trouble, then you’re halfway through making a loyal customer base. A satisfied customer is not always the loyal one, but to make them loyal, satisfaction needs to be ensured from the words go. Using social media in the right direction can make ‘loyalty’ and ‘satisfaction’ walk hand in hand. Different loyalty programs and launching for social challenges can drive traffic towards your brand. Offering promo codes and discounts can also benefit you in achieving the loyalty of the people you’re targeting. Now imagine launching and initiating these efforts offline! It’s almost impossible!

5. Create brand authority to stay top of the mind

To make your business tick the right spot, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction both have significant roles to play, but ultimately everything boils down to networking and communication. The more vibrant and regular your presence online, the more people will be interested in checking you out. This would help you go to the top of the mind and tip of the tongue of the customers. A more substantial brand authority will be ensured in this way, driving more traffic towards your brand store.

6. Cut down the cost substantially

Offline, traditional, orthodox marketing campaigns require time, effort, people, and most importantly, a pile of money. After ensuring all these requirements, you’ll be shattered like broken glass knowing that your traditional marketing approach brings you 50% fewer interactions than digital marketing! This statistic is cruel, yet it’s a warning to every business that underestimates the potential of social media. Just acknowledge that Creating an online account and signing up is almost free for most social media platforms. So, use the money wisely and get more for less.

7. Enhance SEO ranking to escalate website traffic

Simply enhancing and optimising the search result by updating blogs on your website doesn’t do much to your overall ranking. Nowadays, the presence in the social media platform gives a thrust upon the search engine ranking of your company. The more regular and relevant your social media activities are, the more likely it is that you’ll rank higher. Thus, the search engine ranking would drive people towards your website. Again, while posting about a product or service, when you put the weblink to your social media post, your customer gets a reason to visit your website and explore the unknown and unseen there. Thus, your website rises higher in ranking and floods with more traffic.

8. Give your brand a human voice

When a brand like Burger King or Starbucks replies to its customers, they typically drive more people into that conversation. This is because, in that particular time, these brands sound like a human. People love the human touch of the brands. Whenever a brand replies to these threads or engages with the customers, no matter how silly the topic of discussion is, people get an authentic feeling about the brand. Ultimately, this authenticity creates trust. So, to become trustworthy to your customers, a social platform would be an excellent way to walk in. Again, instead of using a chatbot that has limited vocabulary and suggestions to offer, using a human customer support manager could bring more happiness to your team.

9. Bring promptness in Customer support

Statistics say, around 79% of consumers generally expect the brands to reply to the customer query within a day of reaching out over social media, yet below 25% could manage to do so. Being on that 25% brands means half of the battle won. The customer support promptness could have risen if the power of social media is decisively comprehended. Website visitors sometimes don’t feel at home to reach out, but they are ready to reach out on social media for anything they are confused about. A sensible brand doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to tightly grasp the rope to deliver support in the most punctual way possible.

10. Get full-fledged information regarding your customers

It is no brainer that gaining new customers is more manageable than knowing your customers. While Facebook and Instagram advertising targets a vast number of audiences, it’s tough to get the proper insight in the first place. But an excellent social media virtual assistant and data science specialist can bring you insights from the social media handles you own. It would help you know what type of customers you are dealing with and convert a lead into a cash cow. Data is the main currency in the 21st century, and social media is the central bank where the transaction is made ceaselessly.

11. Keep an eye on your competitor

One of the most significant advantages of using social media for business is that it gives you proper knowledge about the marketplace and your competition. In a brick-and-mortar business, it’s not always possible to sneak through your competitors’ deck, but through social media, stalking around the competitor’s arena is now a routine task of the company to provide better offers and values to their customers.  Social media provides you with proper insight and a complete picture of your competitors’ actions and how the traffic is completed into their shore.

12. Promote the content in the right place

Content marketing has a definitively strong place in the social media platform. Great content sometimes can’t penetrate the market due to wrong placement, where mundane content can drive the traffic towards itself because of locking the arrow at the right spot. Social media provides us with numerous information and data which are helpful to gain meaningful insight, and thus it helps to promote content in the right direction to shoot up the sales.

13. Come up with Viral marketing content

An ever-increasing marketing technique used extensively nowadays is Viral marketing which is practised by 4 out of every five online businesses. Remember ‘Will It Blend?’ infomercials directed by Tom Dickson, the Blendtec founder? This show has over 290 million views on YouTube, where Dickson showed how his innovation ‘Blendtec blender’ blends down ridiculously different items like iPhone to even Ford Fiesta! The magic of social media platforms is contagiously spreading the buzzing ideas, and people are more likely to capture them in the first place. Why not give it a try?

14. Introduce Social currency

Social currency, generally, pertains to the industry trends that are occurring in the customer ambience. It’s about people who share any bizarre or out-of-the-box information to look cool and clever. As the author of the New York Times bestseller ‘Contagious’, Jonah Berger chalked out the STEPPS process to make a product or idea lit, and social currency is the first one that a company can introduce go ahead in the competition at the very beginning. It’s a part of guerrilla marketing but using social media platforms, and you can enable your customers to share social currency to generate more word of mouth.

15. Hashtag (#) Marketing

If you want to get a like-minded audience on a similar platform, Hashtag marketing can act like magic. Statistics suggest that A Tweet with hashtags can increase the engagement up to 100% for an individual and up to 50% (1.5%) for a brand. Again, an Instagram post with at least one Hashtag can increase the interaction by more than 29%. The power of Hashtag lies in how it can assemble different people who have the same kind of needs. Using hashtags sparingly with the most effective buzz words can bring more effectiveness, ultimately helping your business to get more crowds and interactions.

16. Conduct an A/B testing

A/B testing is basically when you develop a different version of the same website for other people. In social media, you can do it differently. To narrow down your most effective social platform posts, try the identical posts instead of trying different websites and track each post’s reach and conversion results.  It would bring good insight that can be processed further.

17. Target a Customized advertising base

Just imagine, you’re a T-shirt selling business based in Mumbai that targets young Indian men. How much sense does that make if your paid advertisement is shown in the feeds of some Bolivian or Columbian housewives? That’s why Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms target the niche where you can get your desired preferred customers. These targeted advertisements will be shown to those people who could be your potential leads and customers, aligning with the demographic criteria you set for your brand. That’s how the customised, targeted advertisement makes your hard-earned money worth it.

18.  Communicate well when the crisis hits the business

It is not an option to keep the mouth shut when crisis time hits your brand. It’s a part of your brand’s journey, and a well-set business can outdo the blow by acting proactively and hyperactively during the crisis. Use the power of social media and communicate with the people who suffered the impact. If needed, reply to the customers privately as Rackspace did. How a company stands in the crisis time is what makes them for the unforeseeable future.

19.  Partner with Influencers

Affiliate marketing or influencer marketing is not a new way to communicate information about your product and service to the customer base. Partnering with the industry leaders and well-known faces of your zone can exuberantly drive up traffic and sales. Social media made things extremely easy to find the relevant influencers and celebrities in a particular field where your business is based. Statistics say almost 17% of companies spend over one-half of their marketing budget on relevant influencers of a specific industry. And guess what? It helps!

20.  Retarget the slipped customer

The online shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide in 2024 was around 88.05%. After creating it, customers who are abandoning the shopping cart should be targeted and studied as quickly as possible. What was the reason, where was lacking, and how things went wrong? The marketers should ask these questions to find out how to solve the problem in the first place. These slipped people are the prime potential customers. Finding out why they are reluctant to buy even after creating the cart is daunting yet crucial. Social media can provide important information from the engagement box to the product catalogue and let you know how to plug the hole.

21. Extract the insight out of the Social media analytics

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the measures marketers keep their eyes on. But with the assistance of social media tracking and analytics tools, you can go beyond this crucial insight as you can see the full impact of your social media activities from the beginning of campaigns to create the most loyal customer base. These analytics would tell you what project to undertake next, where to put most of your pennies, and what venture to abandon or divest. These analytics are extraordinarily shrewd and acute. They provide you with insights regarding the overall business. You need a good marketer and data science team to extract the valuables out of it.

To conclude, Social media has an unprecedented impact on most businesses operating throughout the globe. You can neither avoid it nor outperform it with the traditional approach, so it’s better to embrace it first and try to master the whole process. Note that one platform can have a significant impact, but that’s not enough all the time. The approach is holistic, and that’s how things should be operated. So, it is better to start something as early as possible to outrun your competitors and have a fair share of the market in the distant future.

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