Why Should Startups Invest In Android App Development?

Why Should Startups Invest In Android App Development

Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems and it is projected to be one of the biggest platforms in the future. This means that almost all businesses that have an online presence should get on the Android bandwagon. With such promising potential, it is easy to see how startups could tap into this huge amount of money through their app.

The more useful an app is the more users there will be and the more downloads there will be. This means that the owners of apps will get more revenue from every tap into the app. Even if the app does not sell anything on its own, it will still gain more in terms of revenue sharing.

Investing in apps for your business could prove to be beneficial in several ways. For one thing, users are always looking for new and useful apps. They do not want to settle for apps that have been around for a long time. They would rather go for something that they can download immediately. As a result, your app could gain more popularity in no time at all and you will definitely get more downloads than you have ever had before.

Investing in Android apps also brings a number of challenges. The first challenge comes from the users. The overwhelming majority of smartphone users are Android enthusiasts. They will always look for new and useful apps. They might never become a real app fan, but they surely will appreciate having an app where they can find everything they need.

Why Android Application Development Is the Right Choice for Startups

Larger Audience Reach

App allows them to reach more users. With a huge user base, startups would have plenty of chances to advertise their apps to interested consumers. In addition to that, the market is fast expanding. This means that more users will want the apps that you have created.

Higher Productivity

Android apps is because of the potential to earn. With the large number of users, there are a lot of potential buyers. The only thing they need is that your app can satisfy their needs. Since almost all smartphones have access to the Android platform, this gives you a huge market to sell your apps to. If you create an app that can solve a common problem, you stand a good chance of getting a sale. Of course, your app’s monetization scheme should be attractive enough to lure users to purchase them.

Publicity and Customer Reach

Android app development is that they can reach more users and give them more options. Users love mobile apps that offer them choices. That way, they don’t end up choosing the first app that they find. That means you stand a better chance of gaining more customers. Plus, having an app developer on your team ensures that you get timely updates, which is important if you want to make your business grow.

Higher Returns on Investments

Android app development is less costly than developing for iPhone or BlackBerry. Developers don’t have to buy new hardware and the app stores are continuously growing. The revenues you can expect from each Android app that you develop is also much higher. All in all, it is clear that startups should not ignore this opportunity. Investing in app development makes great business sense for entrepreneurs.

10 Major Benefits of Developing Android Apps

Benefits of Developing Android Apps

As per Google Android SDK Developers guide, there are 10 major benefits of Android apps development. According to Google, these benefits make Android the most popular mobile platform. Android offers a wide range of applications to users with varying features and capabilities. As a result, Android app developers have a world of opportunities to provide their clients with cost-effective, high quality apps.

  1. High Level Control

Android apps provide users with a high level of control over their devices. Users can set default applications that automatically load when the device boots up. The user can also choose which apps to load during specific times of the day. They can even set up settings to block unwanted advertisements. Moreover, the user can easily uninstall apps that they no longer need.

  1. Open Source

Not only does Android apps allow users to customize their devices, they can also access the Internet via their smartphone. Android devices run on the open source Android Open Source Project, which offers software developers many ways of making their programs compatible with the Android operating system. This ensures that your app works seamlessly on the Android platform and is updated with bug fixes. Furthermore, you will be able to gain access to the Android Market, one of the largest markets on the planet. This will allow you to market your app in a manner that is not only effective but attracts users.

  1. Easy to Integrate

Since Android apps run on the Android platform, they are compatible across multiple devices. This means that users do not need to purchase a new smartphone to access the features of an existing app. Android apps are also designed to be compact and efficient. Hence, they can be installed easily on slim smartphones such as tablets.

  1. Real-Time Information

Moreover, Android apps can help users access location-based services, gather local maps, track flight timings and more. As a result, they can go places and use the services they need without depending on a third-party. With a properly developed app, users can get real-time information from the streets where they want to go.

  1. High-end Performance

Android apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. This makes it easier for users to gain access to these programs. In fact, Android apps can perform better than their counterparts on iPhones and BlackBerry devices. Android apps can run on low-powered smartphones as well as offer superior performance on high-end smartphones.

  1. Low Investment & High ROI

Android apps are easier to install and uninstall compared to iPhone apps. For this reason, there is no need for users to undergo complicated procedures when they uninstall an app. This is one of the major advantages of developing an app for the Android platform. You don’t have to rely on third-party installation services. Users can simply delete an app without having to wait for the app to unload from the system. You won’t lose any money if you develop an app for Android but you’ll certainly gain more profit if you develop an iPhone or BlackBerry app.

  1. Easy Adoption

The Android Market has an installed base of hundreds of millions of mobile devices. As a result, Android apps have a much wider reach compared to iPhone apps. With a large base of users and a massive network of distribution, Android apps can easily find their way into the App Store. The fact that Android phones outnumber iPhone devices gives you an edge when it comes to developing for the Android platform. You can create an app that runs on every handset and for every type of user.

  1. Easy Customization

The Android Market has an open source code. This makes it possible for developers to contribute to the Android project. This gives you the opportunity to add new features and functionality to your app without having to worry about paying a license fee to the Android Project. You can even make your app open source so that any user with the right combination of technical skills can also contribute to the Android project.

  1. Targeted Multiple Platforms

Because Android apps run on the Android native platform, they can be accessed by users with all types of devices. Android users can use their smartphones and tablets to access the app while users with smart phones can use their handheld phones to browse through the app. This gives you the opportunity to tap into a massive customer base that is spread across various device form factors. You can target your app to specific types of consumers by choosing their device and carrier compatibility.

  1. User friendly

The Android Market is always developing. New versions of the operating system are released regularly. This gives users the ability to update their apps without having to wait for the official release. Users are constantly on the lookout for new applications that will allow them to do things faster and easier on their mobile devices.

Tips to Hire Android App Developer

Tips to Hire Android App Developer

If you are planning to create your own business or if you would like to start developing apps, you need to take into consideration some important things before hiring an appropriate Android developer for the task. First and foremost, you need to understand that creating an effective and functional mobile app is not as easy as ABC. You need to know everything about the platform, from its functionalities to its structure and from the type of technology used to create the app to the marketing strategy you intend to use to increase its chances of success.

Before hiring a developer, make sure that you are clear with what kind of job he or she will be doing. You may want to hire someone who has extensive experience in the Android platform. If you have no clue on what kind of developer you should hire, then you need to research about the different kinds of developers available so that you can choose the one who can effectively handle your project’s development.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when hiring the right developer:

Hiring Experienced Developers

Experience in Android development is very important. It is also essential that he or she has the skill to understand the needs of the target market. Developers need to understand how to target the different demographics in order to increase their chances of success. They should be experts in engaging the customers in order to gain their trust. Thus, they should be aware of the features that will suit the needs of the target market. Hiring experienced developers is advantageous since they can offer guidance on which specific feature group to include in the app.

Quality Should Be your Primary Concern

It is important that the developer fully understands your needs and specifications. When you hire an app developer, make sure that you have discussed everything that you expect from the app. You need to discuss the purpose of the app, the functions that users can enjoy once the app is installed, the most appropriate monetization options and the right strategy that will help you reach your goals. Moreover, communicate your requirements to the developer so that there are no misunderstandings about the project. It is also important to work with a team that is capable of implementing the ideas you have discussed.

Check The Past Projects Of Developers

A good android app developer should be open for any constructive criticism. Sometimes, a simple problem can create a huge difference between an effective and ineffective app. Therefore, it is important that you are able to identify your issues and take appropriate measures to overcome them. For instance, if you have a concern about the loading time of the app, make sure that the developer addresses your concern before the project is begun. By doing so, you will be able to ensure that the users will have a pleasant experience when they use your app.

It is also advisable to work with an experienced and reliable android app developer who has a proven track record. Developers should be willing to provide references or screen shots of their work. In addition, the developer should be willing to discuss the code and technical specifications with you. This will allow you to have an understanding of what your app will look like when it is complete.

Privacy Agreements Are Mandatory

Before downloading an application from the Internet, you should make sure that it is safe to do so. There are a number of malicious applications that can install automatically on your devices. You should not download these apps if you do not know that they are safe. If you are not sure about a particular application, you should ask the android app developer to send you a demo or a sneak peek of the application to test whether or not it poses any threat to your device.

Check Customers Reviews

It is also important to consider the reputation of the android app developer. It is easy to find this information online. Typically, these companies provide a link to their portfolio. You can also read reviews posted by other customers. It is important to consider all the information you read and determine whether or not you think the company has the appropriate expertise for the job. Finally, make sure that you understand the cost and timeline of the project before making any final decisions.

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