15 Evergreen and Profitable niches for Ecommerce Stores in 2024

15 evergreen and profitable niches for ecommerce stores

People are seen glued to the internet in this digital world. Ecommerce is the way of doing commercial transactions electronically through the Internet. The commercial transactions here mean buying and selling products and services. Ecommerce can also be called electronic commerce or internet commerce. And it is so popular that according to Shopify, till 2024, $4.5 billion will be spent through e-commerce. There are many ecommerce stores coming up to take advantage of this digitalization. This allows ecommerce stores the opportunity to grow and flourish. There are many different niches which would make a great profit for you.  And many business owners are building ecommerce businesses mainly because of these reasons:

  • Are easy and convenient
  • Are cost effective
  • Stay open 24/7
  • Allow studying consumer behavior
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Let you sell around the world

Here you will learn about different 15 ecommerce niches that will stay evergreen and are profitable too.

What do you understand by “niche for ecommerce”?

A niche is a specific category from the broadened category. Similarly, in ecommerce, your niche is a specific product among a wide range of products. Your brand revolves around it. Let us understand it this way. Chocolate is a category in another category called sweets. But vegan (dairy-free) chocolates are a much narrow category.

You should always start with a niche and not a product because then you have the space to expand by including other products falling under your niche. This allows your business to grow. Also, while selecting a niche for your online business, a few things should always be kept in mind, such as:

  1. Select a niche you are passionate about
  2. Do the research
  3. Look for competition
  4. Pay attention to quality
  5. Start with a problem that your product solves
  6. Find out your USP
  7. What are the ecommerce stores?

Some niche ecommerce businesses to take inspiration from are 360 shoes, koovs.com, lifestyle, Pier1, PrettyLittleThing, Zappos, Bluemercury, Horchow, Etsy, Ugmonk, Nasty Gal, Wine Monger, Glossier, FTD.com, etc.

So, if it interests you in starting an ecommerce store, which the chances are you are since you are reading this, here are the top 15 most evergreen and profitable niches for ecommerce stores:

  1. Online courses

With online courses, you can learn various skills and keep learning according to the need without having to adjust their daily routine that might include college tuition, job or any such time dependent aspect. These could vary from photography classes to first aid courses. Since these courses apply to many because of their flexibility, 80 % growth is expected in this ecommerce niche until 2024 after the numbers stated in 2017. This way, you can even sell your knowledge without having to deal with the time and geographical obstacles.

  1. Natural hair and skincare products

Natural hair and skincare products

After humans are getting to realize what chemicals do to the environment and to them, many people have started preferring organic hair and skincare products. That is why this market is expected to make $22 billion by 2024 at a 10% growth rate. This shows stable growth in this ecommerce niche making it a profitable one. You can easily start with essential oils, body scrubs, sunscreens, cleansers, hair oils, shampoos, etc. Later on, you can expand into bath bombs, face masks, etc.

  1. Handmade pet treats

Having a pet is becoming a trend. People are proclaiming ‘dog lover’ in their social media bios and it is one of the most adorable couple goals today. They are treated so dearly that their treats also need to be special. This business has a steady growth rate, as the awareness is spreading on adopting pets, fostering them and donating for them. And because of the inclusion of chemicals or nutritionally empty and harmful ingredients pet owners are getting attracted towards handmade treats.

  1. Eco friendly Baby toiletries for eco friendly parents

3,60,000 human babies are born each day on this planet. To keep this planet survivable for the next generations, more and more people are choosing eco-friendly products in all the areas of consumption. Baby product is one such niche where parents are damn serious for the health and future of their child. And they are doing right because any non eco-friendly diaper sits in the garbage for years emitting methane and there are on average 7000 diapers used by a single baby. This year is a good time to start an ecommerce store selling eco-friendly baby toiletries because already 20% of baby product sales happen online.

  1. Personalized print on-demand clothes

T-shirts and hoodies are very popular for personalized prints as they never go out of fashion. Clothes are a way of expressing oneself. People prefer to let them do the talking. Remember that there are a few topics common among all such as food, music, travel, life quotes. While there are a few which have very specific consumers, such as pets, maps, minimalism, fitness, etc. Now is a good time to start an ecommerce store because these are getting very popular among millennials.

  1. Private label supplements

As fitness is becoming more and more popular among people, the demand for supplements is increasing too. This is mainly because of the highly processed food that we eat lacks nutrients. This opens a whole market for supplements. These you can further customize as vegan, cruelty- free, etc. to create an even more specific niche.

  1. HIIT fitness equipment and training programs

HIIT fitness equipment and training programs

More and more people have started working out on their own at their convenience. You can use that to your benefit start your ecommerce business by selling HIIT equipments. This technique assures maximum fat loss and thus its equipments are trending. With that to support your products, you can also sell HIIT programs to your niche’s consumers.

  1. Subscription boxes

A 200% growth has been noted in subscription boxes since 2011. This niche, as the numbers suggest, is getting very popular and has become a trend. You see many celebrities and social media influencers promoting these through their posts. You can target on things that are needed at home or offices on a monthly basis such as grains, makeup, toiletries, stationery, etc.

  1. Renting clothes and accessories

A business can be established on the concept of renting. And fashion seems to be the greatest option for it. Because people mostly women dislike wearing the same special dress to any two occasions. Also, the demand for special dressing on events such as Halloween, prom, marriages, etc. demand outfits which cannot be utilized anywhere else. The same applies to accessories.

  1. Organic food

People have started using more and more organic options in their lives because they want to live healthy by making good choices and also to reduce their footprint on the planet. Organic food is the first choice of anyone who believes in healthy living. You can start selling these products online by making an alliance with organic food farmers or even local such businesses.

  1. Gluten-free food

Just like organic food, gluten-free food is much more popular among fitness freaks out there. It is a profitable niche for an ecommerce store. The demand is growing because of the growing number of people taking an interest in a gluten-free diet.

  1. Handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry

Handmade pieces of jewelries are a great option for an ecommerce store because they are unique. They stand out in the time of machine making. They are in trend especially for traditional and bohemian looks that are popular.

  1. DIY

DIY items are very popular nowadays. They make for thoughtful gifts and beautiful decor items. Also, DIY greeting cards are said to convey feelings more deeply as it is made absolutely at home by you. Thus, DIY items are a profitable niche for starting an ecommerce store.

  1. High-end camera drones–Dropshipping

There is a rise in the requirements of photographers and videographers with drones. People also use them for personal purposes such as taking photos and videos on trips. Underwater and automated drones are in demand now. Dropshipping these will make a good ecommerce niche.

  1. Planners

As more and more people are getting into living a clutter-free organized life, planners are getting popular. They help in planning which humans are crazy about. People buy planners, bullet journals, happiness journals, personal planners, activity planners and even anxiety journals. This makes them a great niche to start an ecommerce business in. And this also has great growing space as you have whole stationery options to include into.

We hope you now have a clear idea on which niche you want to start your ecommerce store in. Grab any of these above mentioned 15 evergreen and profitable niches for your new venture of an ecommerce store.

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