3 Reasons why push notification is a must for e-commerce websites

3 Reasons why push notification is a must for e-commerce websites

In today’s internet era, setting up an e-commerce website is very simple. There are millions of online websites selling similar products. If you have the budget, getting traffic is not a problem. There are many tools that can help you bring instant traffic. You can run paid ads on various platforms like Google, Facebook and bring traffic.

However, the challenge is how to re-engage users to bring them back to your website. As per the study was done by invespcro, the cost of acquiring new customers is 5X times than to keep an existing one. Some of the important findings which make re-engagement critical to e-commerce are:

  • Chance of existing customer buying a product is 60% to 70% while for a new customer it is around 5%-20%
  • Existing customers spend 31% more as compared to new customers
  • For new products, the existing customer is 50% more likely to buy as compared to new customers

As an e-commerce company, customer acquisition is definitely important. However, keeping the existing customer engaged results in improved ROI. This clears the fact why re-engagement is necessary for every e-commerce business.

One of the most commonly used tools for re-engagement is email. However, as per the report, email databases degrade over time by 22.5% every year. People are subscribed to the brand but are not interacting. There could be many reasons:

  • E-mails are getting spammed
  • E-mail contents are repetitive and boring
  • Customer is not reading the promotional emails

In the case of Web Push Notifications, these are delivered directly on the browser. It appears as an alert type and is hard to miss.

For every e-commerce business, the three common concerns are:

  • Better Engagement
  • Recovering lost revenue
  • Converting Subscriber to Customer

The above three points have a direct impact on the business revenue and Web Push Notification can help to optimize the same. As a re-engagement channel, Web Push Notification allows you to reach out to customers instantly. It is delivered right on the desktop and mobile browser and appears as alert which is hard for the user to miss.

How Web Push Notification Can help E-commerce business?

1. Better Engagement

After investing a lot of time and money, you have started getting traffic to your website. An increase in traffic doesn’t mean an increase in conversion rate as well. Most of the online visitors do not convert in a single visit. You need to re-engage users effectively.

  • Instant Communication: Web Push Notification allows you to communicate with subscribers instantly. Many times websites run limited-time sale events. In such cases, they want to reach out instantly. Using push notification they can alert you instantly on your browser about the sale event without a miss.
  • Segmentation: Another important thing when it comes to better engagement is Targeting. Push Notification allows you to segment users based on various parameters and then send targeted notifications. Studies show that targeted push notification results on 2X Click Rate as compared to general notifications.

Web Push Notification

  • Browse Abandonment: Another way to re-engage users who browse products and then leave the site. Using push notification you can target those users and send them relevant notification based on the products they browsed. You can even create a series of notification showing the different categories/product users.

2. Recover Lost Revenue

Apart from generating new revenue, the recovering lost sales also add to revenue. Cart Abandonment is one of the prime reasons for lost revenue. However, using push notifications you can easily implement cart abandonment push notifications. One of the e-commerce websites was able to recover 10 sales per day using cart abandonment push notifications.

Recover Lost Revenue

Benefits of Cart Abandonment Push Notification:

  • Notifications are sent automatically to the user once they abandon their cart. The notification consists of product image, name and lands user to their cart page.
  • You can send a series of push notifications at regular intervals until the user Each notification can be designed separately. You can offer coupons or discounts to encourage the user to complete the transaction.

In the case of recovering lost revenue, timing is very crucial. As per the report by Salescycle, the conversion rate depends on the time of re-engagement.

Push Notification

The above report is based on the e-mail. It is clear that re-engaging cart abandoned customers within hours results in the highest conversion rate. However, with Push Notification, you can reach out to customers directly on their browser which results in higher CTR.


3. Converting Subscriber To Customer

You may have a lot of subscribers but not all are customers. To convert them to the customer you need to constantly update your subscribers with information about your brand and their offerings.

Using Drip Push Notification, you can achieve your goal. Drip allows you to send an automatic push notification whenever the user subscribes.

How Drip Can help in building brand recall:

  • Automated Notification: You do not need to manually send a notification everytime user subscribes.

Nurturing Subscribers: Drip allows you send series of automated notifications to the subscribers. You can put time delay to ensure customers are engaged over a specific duration. You can educate subscribers about your product, use cases, videos to convert them to customers. This will keep your lead warm.

Nurturing Subscribers

Multiple Drips: You can create multiple drip campaigns depending upon different factors. For e.g., if the customer has bought a mobile phone, you can send updates regarding the accessories of mobile phones like headphones, mobile covers and more. This will help you increase repeat buyers.

Multiple Drips


For every business, ROI is very critical and re-engagement offers the best ROI. If you are looking to increase customer engagement, a web push notification is a must-have tool. Web Push Notification is a new channel and has shown promising results for e-commerce business. It is supported by almost all the major browsers.

It does not help to re-engage but also improves the subscription rate. Many people hesitate to share any personal information and do not subscribe. With push notifications, users do not need to share any personal information and this leads to an increase in the subscription rate.


If you are still not convinced, then take a free plan. Most of the push notification service provider offers free trial plans. It hardly takes time to integrate. Start using it and see how it impacts your online business.

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