3 Skills You Should Know to Enhance the Blogger in You

Are you considering becoming a blogger or maybe you want to blog for your business?

When it comes to blogging, people assume that as long as you can write, your blog will do great. While writing skills are a top priority for bloggers, there are a few other skills that can really take your blog to the next level. They can be the difference between your content being successful or just more content that no one reads online.

Let’s take a look at these skills in further detail…

1. Networking on social media

If you think your blog can operate on its own then you are in for a rude awakening. Blogs that rely on search engines and word of mouth alone won’t get as much traffic as you might think, no matter how valuable and informative they are.

Social media is the place to market your blog to get it the traffic it deserves. You can use as many platforms as possible from Facebook to LinkedIn, and even YouTube. All you need to do is learn how to network and leverage this skill and combine it with your interpersonal skills to reach a wider audience.

When you share a post on social media, you present others within your network a chance to easily share it, if they feel it is relevant for their followers, which gets your post more reach. Of course, the pinnacle for social media outreach is for your content to “go viral.” But you need to build a network in order to achieve this and the more valuable the content is that you share with your network, the faster your network will grow.

Be aware of groups that already exist related to your target audience. Join such groups and engage with their members. If they have a problem, try to provide them with a solution. You can do this in the comment section or write specific blogs to address them. This will help you form a relationship with individuals within the group and, in time, they will become a part of your network.

The larger the network, the greater the chance of your content being shared. The more it is shared, the wider audience it reaches.

2. The art of sales

Knowing how to sell can be the difference between your blog generating business or not. After all, your content is a sales tool to get readers to buy your solution, or if you’re an affiliate blogger, for them to buy your affiliates’ solutions.

But there is a fine line between being subtle and being too “salesy,” a line you don’t want to cross, otherwise your content will turn people away. Learn to leverage the valuable information you provide and turn it into a sales pitch.

A lot of your blog posts will be guides and tips that help your target audience with the problems they face. Write them in such a way that you pitch your product and services as one of the main solutions. In this way, your pitch isn’t in their face but there is a subtle push towards your business being the solution.

3. Applying search engine optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is an art that encompasses blogging. Without SEO, your blog won’t rank on search engines and won’t accomplish what it was set out to do in the first place: generate targeted traffic to your website.

Part of this is knowing exactly which keywords you should target, with long-tail keywords being a major part of this—it is far easier to rank on long-tail keywords, and they tend to have a higher conversion rate.

Combining SEO with the 10 commandments of blogging, listed below, can make your blog a powerhouse within your industry.


Blogging is more than just written content. You need to have other skills besides writing to host a successful blog.

The 3 skills listed above not only enhance your content but also help you market it properly, and thus gaining more traffic and increasing sales, especially when you write posts keeping the art of sales in mind.

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