5 Steps To Improve Your Domain Authority in MozEasily

5 Steps To Improve Your Domain Authority in MozEasily

You want to rank your site higher like Wikipedia, Facebook etc, but have no idea how to do so? These sites are on top whenever you search for something because they have good domain authority. As someone who owns a small business, this should be your priority for SEO. If you don’t know or have never heard of domain authority, we will be talking about the same in this article and show you how you can improve your domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a web metric developed by Moz which helps in predicting how well a website will rank in a search engine results. This can range anywhere from 0 to 100, the greater the number, the more likely you are to have high and strong search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

Sites with higher Domain Authority score like Google or Facebook has many high-quality external links. Many small businesses or websiteswith fewer inbound links have a lower Domain Authority score. A brand new website will have a DA score of only one.One thing to remember is that DA score should be used for comparative metric rather than a concrete score.The bottom line here is to work towards improvement.

What are the factors for Domain Authority Ranking Factors?

Although Domain Authority is based on a lot of factors, we will be discussing 3 key areas:

  • Linking Root Domains– In domain authority score, a high value is placed on the quality of domains linking to you.
  • Social Signals– Another important factor is the social media network, more the number of shares and likes your articles get on a social platform is also a factor that helps in increasing your domain authority.
  • Quality Content– And these two factors depends on the quality content you make. Good high-quality content can help you achieve a better domain authority.

Once you know the domain authority ranking factors, let’s see how you can improve domain authority score and your website’s SEO.

Once you know the domain authority ranking factors, let’s see how to improve the domain authority score.

What is Domain Authority

Improving Domain Authority

One thing before we get to know how to improve the domain authority of the website, one must understand that this is a long term process. Taking shortcuts won’t do you any good and can be harmful in the long run. This may take you anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Now let us take a look at these 5 steps to improve website’s domain authority:

  1. Create high-quality Content- This is one of the most important points to remember, you need to step up the content marketing game. The better the content, the chance of it getting shared will be even higher. Writing a long content with, curate tips or you can focus on infographics. You can go for an out of the box content, with word limit from 1000 to 3000. Basically, you’ll have to create content that is better and useful for the audience as well as be better than anyone else in the industry.
  2. Improve your internal linking– Interlinking your content is as important as getting external backlinks. Interlinking creates a network within the site, which benefits the users and the search engine. Even though this is easy, many brands don’t try to put any effort into improving the same. The best way you can start interlinking is through the content. Create good and helpful content, link these content to each other with the help of widgets or something that’s already in the post.
  3. Get Placements and Mentions in High-Quality Links- This is another factor to keep a tab of, creating high-quality content can help with getting backlinks but it doesn’t just stop there. Reach out to influencers and make them aware of your content. Another thing you can do is be active on your social media account. You can participate actively and be a part of a community by commenting on the blog or engaging on Instagram or Twitter. Although blog commenting are nofollow, they can still get you backlinks. Another thing it does is the commenting will help you get noticed and you can even be offered guest posting due to this.
  4. Remove Toxic Backlinks- It’s possible that you made a mistake and hired a bad SEO person but this can be fixed by evaluating your link profile and clean up the low-quality spam links by disavowing them.
  5. Responsive Web Design– Another factor that is important for domain authority and many forget, is a responsive design. A responsive website design in Toronto can help audience view your website on their mobile devices and significantly increase the DA score of your website.

Once you have covered these points, you must keep in mind that domain authority will take time. Another thing to mention here is that domain age plays a small factor in the authority as well. As we said before, there are no shortcuts to increase domain authority.

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