5 Trends in Mobile app Development that will Rule in 2024

5 Trends in Mobile app Development that will Rule in 2024

In this digital era, modernization in terms of technology is at its peak. It has brought a drastic change in our lifestyle, our work, way to communicate and our lifestyle.

In the past few year tech giants have invested in major companies in the hunt to create the next big app trend, that will bring a drastic change in our life. With the vast and bountiful possibility, it is not that easy to keep in pace with the latest mobile app development trend.

Mobile phones have become a necessity and an important part of our daily lives. On our small to big daily activities, we rely on smartphones. Can you imagine how life will be without a smartphone?

We depend on it entirely, not only for communication but also for various other daily needs such as alarm clock, Youtube videos, checking emails, News, weather forecast, giving your current project status.

As per the report of Newzoo, the number of smartphone users will hit 3.8 billion by 2024.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence have established a firm identity in the mobile app development industry. Taking Artificial Intelligence into the count, it is a branch of computer science dealing with the creation of an intelligent machine to ease human work and react similarly to a human being.

We have seen a major advancement in Artificial Intelligence in the past few years. It has proved itself in the form of chatbots, robots and many more.

Siri, which is made using the combination of these two techniques, has become a major trend nowadays. It is a  virtual assistant that is a part of Apple Inc.’s iOS, watchOS, macOS, HomePod, and tvOS operating systems.

The collaboration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can do wonders in any business.

In getting data and real-time analysis. The figures of the Internation Data corporation itself says that the AI industry is at its peak and is estimated to raise $40 billion by the end of next year.

AR & VR(Augmented and Virtual Reality)

Augmented and Virtual reality has been in trend in 2024 and the same continues for 2024 as well.

AR libraries (Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore) will continue to grow because of its upcoming benefits. They are playing a major role in various sectors such as healthcare, marketing, construction, designing, home decor and many more.

AR and VR will shape our future and the tech giants have a clear vision about it.

According to Digi-Capital report, quoted by Fortune Magazine, Augmented Reality is expected to make $150 billion in revenue by 2024.

It is expected that such technologies will be the basis for rapid development on AR oriented mobile devices in a few years down the road (Smart Glasses, Lens, etc.), so Apple and Google will continue their current investments in AR technologies and frameworks in hopes of dominating the AR market when it’s finally time for the technology to shine.” – Marwan Alani  

AR and VR are going to rule almost all the sectors because of their dire need. Developers are exploring these technologies with a great pace to match the competitive market trend.

IOT Enabled Devices

Internet of things has been demand in 2024 and the trend will continue this year too. IoT can be used to handle various devices used in a home like TV, mobile device lights and much more.

The IOT enabled devices for daily use in our houses will ease our day to day life. Earlier it had its existence in watch and phone but now it has paved into much more.

The IoT apps can be used to control IOT enabled devices, as well as the IOT objects, are capable of exchanging information and data without the need for human intervention. There is a vast scope for IOT and it’s going to be the future technology trend.

Blockchain Technology

In the past few years, we heard a lot about blockchain. Blockchain technology keeps a track of digital transaction and everything that has a virtual value, enabling security and transparency on a global scale.

Blockchain technology is serving as a boon, not only in the banking sector but also in various other sectors, like healthcare, education, transport, tourism, retail, manufacturing etc. These sectors are using blockchain technology for a safe and secure digital transaction between consumers faster.

There are much more to be explored yet by developers as far as implementation in this technology is concerned. We have started utilizing a very less percentage of it but the power of blockchain is still to be explored much.

Cloud-based App

Most of us are aware of the term cloud storage and the way it’s benefiting our business and lifestyle. Cloud computing has integrated itself with the mobile application.

To reduce the storage issue on devices developers are preferring cloud-based app so that the mobile app fetch the required data directly from the cloud and have the high-performance rate.

While building up of an app there are a huge amount of data and files which consumes much of the phones internal storage but with the introduction of the cloud-based app, this issue has been resolved along with delivering an unbroken performance of the app.

Looking into the importance and benefits of the cloud-based app it can be concluded it will become a necessity in the future. Most of the company are availing this cloud-based app in their business. Technology will upgrade, hence we also need to grab upgraded technology to stay in a race.

Concluding Note:

Keeping in mind the latest trend in technologies, you need to embrace your business for the very same. If you want your business to rank high in the global market, you need to contact a team of skilled mobile app developers who stay tuned with the latest ongoing trend in the market.

2024 will bring a major revolution in terms of technology and mobile app developers need to enhance their skill set to pace up and match the current trend.

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