Top Reasons Java Developers Should Learn Hadoop

Java Developers Should Learn Hadoop

These days, there is a great demand for Java Developers as this programming language is extensively used for creating websites, applications, and on-demand apps, E-commerce portals, and blogs. It is often recommended that all Java Developers must learn Hadoop because it Contains an ecosystem that includes separate related technologies and projects and Reliable HDFS file system that does not require RAID. It also has TaskTracker and JobTracker tools eliminate system downtime and highly efficient scalability for adding real computing power.

Recently, the Hadoop ecosystem has undergone significant structural changes. Now, it takes on the features of a full-featured system for horizontally scalable data processing and works with interactive and streaming loads.

The evolution of the Hadoop ecosystem emerged in the 1950s and 1970s when the software industry moved from batch mode to interactive systems and further to multitasking systems with time sharing.

In the Hadoop 2.0 core, resource management and scheduling functions are moved from the MapReduce module to the YARN module, which manages the cluster as a multi-tenant system at a high level of abstraction and with appropriate flexibility. It helps the system to carry different-sized and different-sized loads simultaneously. So, have a look at the main reasons why Java Developers should learn Hadoop:

  1. To Solve Complex Problems of Different Web Resources

There are hundreds of frameworks, libraries, forums, and so on in Hadoop. These tools help developers to solve problems that surface all of the sudden while using different web applications. Some errors are simple, while others are of a complex nature. Having a proper knowledge of Hadoop will help you solve all types of problems of web resources.

  1. Easy To Learn

Hadoop is easy to learn and simple. You don’t need to scratch your mind and seek help from the language experts to learn its basics. So, learning Hadoop always benefits you in many ways.

  1. To Increase the Understanding of Other Languages

Hadoop programming is adopted — an object-oriented language. This very “objectness” is implemented very easily. Along with OOP, you will learn the concepts of inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, and so on. It is the language that will teach you concepts that can be used in most other languages, such as in Python.

  1. Lots of Toolkits

Hadoop is not limited to a single product or a small handful of followers. You can use them for a number of works. If you decide that you do not need them, write in a text editor, and then compile your code on the command line/terminal. Moreover, there are websites where you can compile your code online. Hadoop with some developers on the forum, there is a very high probability that even those who specialize in other languages ​​will understand you without translation.

  1. A Great Demand in the IT Industry

If you have a look at the job description and skill set required for a Hadoop developer on job sites, professionals having expertise in Java with Hadoop are in great demand because Hadoop needs a strong Java background. Companies look for folks who hold expertise in Java and Hadoop to save their resources. Always keep in mind that the available market resource for Hadoop is very small for the time being. You also need to hold expertise in other programming languages also to stay in demand.

  1. Great Facility to Switch To Bigger Domains

Keeping a good grip on Hadoop skills and expertise helps you to learn Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Sensor Web data, and Machine Learning easily and effortelessly. The market for this programming language is expanding by leaps and bounds with each passing day as Big Data-dependent companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, IBM, and eBay are looking for Java experts that hold expertise on Hadoop.

  1. To Improve the Overall Work Quality

In modern conditions, the issue of quality of software/websites/web applications delivered to the market is becoming increasingly relevant – with an increasing number of software companies, as well as independent teams of programmers who are ready to provide consumers with a finished product. Generally, in the pursuit of profit, the key problems of web development go into the background- deadlines prevail in the struggle for high-quality software solutions.

It has been observed that large teams of developers while creating new websites/applications make the first mistake already at the stage of forming the technical task. Contrary to the well-developed technology of developing high-quality software, customers often limit the project implementation time, forcing the development team to exclude from the list of tasks the debugging process of code written by programmers.

Generally, in IT companies, instead of optimizing each component of a software product, the task of “catching bugs” is assigned to testers who undertake work at the latest stage of software development, when all modules of the program are already assembled together.

A slightly less significant error leading to the appearance of problems on website development is ignoring the very necessary analysis procedure generated by the customer and the executor of the requirements for a future program.

A vague understanding of the goals pursued by the customer, as well as inconsistency of business details to be implemented in the product, leads to the delivery of a low-quality program that has a significant number of flaws.

This problem is particularly acute in the field of web/mobile application development, where the key factor for customers is getting the solution to the market as early as possible in order to make money from selling the program to consumers.

A decent understanding of Java +hadoop helps you to improve the overall work quality when it comes to creating amazing web applications. Big Data Courses Toronto can help people know the basics of Handoop technology in an easy way, stand out from the crowd of web developers and designers, and come up with amazing websites and applications in an easy way.

Final Words

Java developers with a sound knowledge of Hadoop are in great demand these days. It allows professionals to create error-free websites and applications without facing any difficulty. Big Data Analytics Courses Toronto and Big Data Analytics Training are the two important ways to learn the basics of Hadoop easily and rock in the web development world.

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