How To Grow Your Shopify Ecommerce Store Using Content Marketing

How To Grow Your Shopify Ecommerce Store Using Content Marketing

The demand for content marketing has increased over the years and is widely used today. Brands have started coming up with different ways through which they can sell their products and services using content marketing. Content marketing can be said as the art of playing with words; the one who wisely does this is the only one who reaches success with their brands.

Today brands have also become cautious in what they want to promote and how they want to do the same because, while writing content, another important factor that should be kept in mind is your target audience’s emotions. If you are not playing wisely with your words, there are chances your target audience can get hurt and won’t revert to your brand services ever. Brands should always have an idea about their target audience and what they want, as in the loophole, which has to be targeted by you, to make them buy your product.

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In content marketing, your content should be so wise that your target audience is convinced, just by looking once at your posts. You should not give them any chance to rethink what you have written in that post. Therefore, to generate high traffic over your website and gain high revenue, one can grow their business at the most through content marketing by turning a maximum number of sales. For doing this all, it is vital to building a connection with your target audience, to target them in the right way.

One can grow their business Shopify eCommerce Store using content marketing in the following ways-

1. Try To Be Interactive

In this digital generation, everyone prefers to see or get through something, which is interactive. Interaction makes anything engaged and full of authenticity. Interactive content acts very valuably when it comes to lead generation. After a certain period, you’ll find these data and leads to gain organic leads to your brand. Few of the best interactive content are-

  • Infographic

There was a time when the tradition of infographics wa started, and people and marketers were never in favor of the same and assumed it to be one of the shortest forms of content creation. But it’s today that every company wants to support the making of infographics to promote their brand through an organized visual content in the form of infographics. It can be time-consuming, but the output is paid off with its outcome.

  • Interactive Video

Studies have shown a change in the graph from 61% to 85% of marketers who have started using video content as a promotion strategy for their brand. Video gives marketers an idea of how they can attract their customers in an attractive manner.

  • Polls and Surveys

This is one of the most effectively used forms of keeping interaction with the audience in feedback, purchasing preferences, and audience insights.

2. Invest in Paid Ads

If you want to see your brand reach heights and make an identity in front of your target audience, it is always wise to go with paid ads. It is understood that paid ads are quite expensive most of the time, but the result is worth it. All big giants which are thriving today have used this method to be where they are today. Paid advertising includes website takeovers, online partnerships, and PPC campaigns.

Here are some benefits of this ad-

  • Fast Results

Since organic reach becomes difficult for a brand to build its identity, paid ads make this process a bit fast. It helps in ranking your website first on the Google result page by replacing some keywords and making smart use of SEO. It also targets only a specific audience with the help of your content.

  • Measurable and Affordable

The most beneficial feature of this ad is, it lets you track your money, which you have spent on different platforms to run your ad. You can easily make a budget for your ad campaigns so that you don’t overspend your money. It depends upon you, what type of design you want to give to your advertisements.

  • Promotion of Brand on Multiple Platforms

Today, there are multiple social media platforms which can be used for advertising your brand, as every forum has the feature of paid advertising, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more like these. You can find which platforms are widely used by your audience by doing primary research and promote your brand over the same.

● Promotion of Brand on Multiple Platforms

3. Make Your Content Personal

There are times when audiences like to get a personal connection with the brands. They want their brand to treat them as their own. Don’t you think a personal note or letter you’ll provide to your customer will make them feel wanted and connected with your brand? Don’t you feel it will make your customer feel special? These are few things which bring an emotional connection to a particular brand, which leads them to become a loyal customer.

4. Make Your Content Appealing

Your content should be so appealing that when your audience is scrolling through their mobile or surfing over their website, their eyes take a pause by looking at your content. Make your content engaging so that the audience also reads them with eagerness and feel motivated while reading your content. But identifying what type of content should be used has always been a tricky question in eCommerce. Therefore, four types of content are mostly used and preferred at the time of content marketing, like product description, image content, videos, reviews, and recommendations. According to a study by Forbes, it has been said that there is a high chance that your audience will buy a product of your brand after seeing a promotional video of the same.

5. Sell Multiple Products

Selling a range of products does not mean changing your niche or brand. It just means coming up with varieties in your niche. Suppose you sell coffee, then you can try to make multiple types of products from the same to build a variety of products in your niche. This will help your brand in making an identity and becoming strong. There is a possibility that your brand can become a favorite for your audience in this way.

6. Use Facebook for Marketing

The graph for Facebook users has multiplied in the last few years. People have started to engage themselves over Facebook for multiple purposes. There are almost two billion monthly active users over Facebook, then think about the reach of your brand if you choose this platform for your brand. If you want to attract customers organically, then write short and crisp posts for your brand, which your target audience can easily understand. You can also select the custom tool on Facebook to target only a specific demographic, which you think might be interested in your brand.

7. Use Email Marketing

Using email to target your audience is one of the most effective ways of making brand awareness. You just need to do in-depth research for your target audience to reach out to them directly because there is no point in sending out an email to that section, which is least interested in your product or services. There are times when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also not do that work, which emails alone can do. Some tips can make your email marketing successful-

  • Make your subject line catchy.
  • Don’t make your subject line too long, that it doesn’t fit your audience’s mobile screen.
  • Make your preheader text as catchy as your subject line to increase your email’s opening chances.
  • Your Call To Action button should not be lame and typical; make it unique.
  • Maintain the list of emails that you sent.

8. Optimize Your Store

Your store should be customer friendly, where your customer can easily access your website. Shopify is already one app which has made its store user friendly by making it colorful and attractive for their users. Moreover, it has tools that make its app look good with appealing templates. If your app is not engaging and good-looking, then there are high chances that your audience won’t be interested in surfing over your store. Hence, it is necessary for making them appealing.

9. Make contact with your Customers

Suppose you have gained customers through your promotions and advertising strategies, but the most important question after all these are, how can you turn your customers into a loyal one? This can be practiced by keeping a constant connection with them in emails or messages. These emails and messages could be related to any seasonal offer which you are coming up with, or any information which you would like to share related to marketing or it can be announcements that are in favor of your customers. These practices can help you turn loyal customers to your brand.

Make contact with your Customers

Once you can fulfill these steps, your Shopify eCommerce store will be coming out with flying colors through your content marketing. Moreover, the demand for content marketing today has shown results of stores making a success through these methods.

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