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How To cook Brown Rice- An ease way to cook

Brown rice has a high nutritive value than white rice. The sources of carbohydrates and fibers have come from brown rice. We also get magnesium, thiamine, iron and folic acid from brown rice. So it is healthy food for us. That is why, people like to have brown rice instead of white rice. Generally, we find various types of brown rice in the market.

They are short, medium and long grain in size. Here, size does not matter. Because the nutritive value does not depend on size. If you are a smart cook or not want to cook in lengthy then you can choose ‘’ instant brown rice’’. Because it takes about 8 to 10 minutes to cook.Other types of brown rice take a longer time to cook.  After choosing the desire brown rice, you can prepare the dish as like as you want. I want to give some tips to cook the brown rice from my kitchen experience so that you can cook it perfectly. Read More