Common SEO Risks to take or to avoid

Common SEO Risks to take or to avoid

When it comes to SEO and social media marketing, there are a lot of misunderstandings and delusions that make it tough. While handling SEO, you must be aware of the risks because some errors can result in increased complications. Conversely, effective SEO helps you get profits and exposure in no time. Nonetheless, the general question is; which risks should you take and which ones should you avoid?

Risks to take

  • Make and test small and large changes

The goal of online marketing tools and SEO is to get traffic and transactions for your site. None of those will happen if no one goes to your site. What if your site is ranking well for particular keywords, but there is no one on your site? There are a few reasons and it takes some time to know why the performance is like this. The only method of doing this is A/B testing. You will take one element each time, whether it is the content, the titles, meta descriptions, ad much more, and test them on new variations. This will take bits of trial and error to formulate correct wording and layout that results in maximum traffic of the site and transactions. You will find a nonfunctional combination that will reduce your traffic. This risk is worth taking because after getting good results, you will focus on driving traffic and getting better results.

  • Getting and giving backlinks of high quality

Why would a firm feature a link on another firm’s site and risk users leaving their pages? Backlinks are established SEO and social media marketing aspects and the majority of firms need to get very many of them. They increase ranking and build authority. It not just about links but about giving back. You may risk a few clients through the provision of quality links but show Google that you are referencing sites with established authority. Remember that webpages which feature links to malicious, spam, low-quality sites are at the risk of getting penalties from Google. You may get a penalty when you get links from poor-quality sites.

  • Enhancing the URL structure of the site

The URL of your homepage has to be short, featuring your company name only. It needs to be concise, simple, short, and easy to remember. Subsequent pages should have targeted keywords about the webpage content. You do not wish to let the URL out of the hand. In case they are descriptive and long, the search engine will truncate the display with dots after the cut-off point. It is time to alter URLs by overhauling the structure of the site. The risk is that any change will impact your ranking. While altering old URLs and redirecting to new ones, you will realize dips in rankings and traffic. If done right, you may end up with a great structure that is appealing to internet users and search engines.

  • Overhaul the website

Once in a while, sites need redesigning and updating. Redesigns can be expensive and risky, not to forget time-consuming. Your site might need a facelift after some time. It may be looking outdates. You may optimize it for the search engine but users find it hard to navigate. There are a few reasons to look at the site and consider restructuring it completely. Like changing the structure of the URL, the changes come at the risk of your social media marketing and rankings when Google is evaluating your site. Therefore, you are at the risk of alienating clients who are accustomed to the website the way it is. You need patience since customers will get used to the new changes. Update the site to give it better chances of acquiring new clients.

Risks to avoid

  • Poor doorway pages

Doorway pages are easy and simple to curate to target particular keyword groups and keywords. Trustworthy SEO and online marketing tools avoid these pages because Google dislikes them and gives penalties for their usage. The opinion of Google for these pages needs to be a reason enough for avoiding this risk. The only moment when these pages’ slide is if they are offering valuable, clear, and unique content and info to site visitors. This is not a reason enough to bother with them.

  • Not allowing neutral backlinks

Your site needs good backlinks and not bad ones. What of neutral ones that do not hurt or help your Social mediamarketing and ranking? Neutral backlinks may not give you the required boost but will not subject the site to harsh penalties. With the Penguin update from Google, penalties for bad backlinks realized that some sites do not have control on them. It is hard for sites to be punished for malicious links. If Google has taken a manual action on your site, then the backlinks are low-quality, spam, and bad. If there is no action against the site, the backlinks on the site are okay even though they lack the authority to boost the ranking.

  • Condense or delete entire pages or content

It might seem a small deal to delete one page from the site especially if it is a service or product that company has discontinued. After deleting the page, they keywords it used to rank are gone. This also happens to the URL which includes page-specific keywords. In the place of losing ranks, keep the page even when discontinuing the product. Leave a message for visitors redirecting them to another service or product. In case you are condensing or merging pages, make sure that you are redirecting old URL to ensure that the traffic and link juice is not lost.


Social media marketing, SEO, and online marketing tools are crucial elements for people seeking success. These common SEO issues affect the firm but are worth trying because they can help formulate great business results, while others may harm the online presence of the company. If you are seeking professional SEO assistance, go for top SEO firms to help you get to where you desire.

When you fix a few technical hitches, you will end up achieving success that is unimaginable. The truth is that you cannot do business without risks, but prior to considering any company risks, check the guidelines above to make sure that all things are functional and will help you get conversions.

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