How Do You Protect Your Children From COVID-19 Infection With Hoverwatch?

Since Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the WHO, most of the newspapers have it in their main headlines as it is spreading all over the world at a faster speed. You can also find news regarding Coronavirus on your mobile phones through the internet.

Everyone is worried about controlling this pandemic to protect him and his family. Protecting the children from the infection of covid-19 is the primary matter of concern for parents these days. Most children get worried about the safety of their family and friends due to the outbreak of this infectious disease. So it is necessary to keep them calm so that they do not panic and stay safe. To make children feel comfortable, parents can reduce their stress and anxiety by using a mobile phone tracker like Hoverwatch.

Why avoid contact with strangers during the Coronavirus?

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, parents can take a few preventive measures like controlling their children as well as themselves from contacting strangers. They should include this culture in their habit wherever they go, at their workplace, at school, or while working from home.

The primary source of spreading of Coronavirus is by sneezing or coughing by the infected person. But, if you are not infected even then, you can use your elbow or tissue paper while sneezing or coughing to prevent the spreading of any infectious elements.

The used tissue should be thrown into the dustbin immediately after using it.

  • You can also avoid getting infectious germs into your body by avoiding touching your nose, mouth, and eyes with your hands without disinfecting them.
  • You should rub soap for at least 20 seconds on your hands to clean them thoroughly with water.
  • You can also use a particular hand cleaning product or an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands if the soap is not available for this purpose.
  • You should also keep your home, schools, and workplace clean to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus.

In this cleaning process, teenagers can help adults to accomplish it. While cleaning your home or workplace, you should also clean its light switches, doors, and other accessories so that you can use neat things and avoid getting infected by any kind of virus.

Moreover, you can prevent the spread of Coronavirus by staying at home if flu-like symptoms are noticed. It will prevent the spreading of germs from you to other people nearby you.

How to control children’s phone wasps and Hoverwatch programs

Hoverwatch programs

By using Hoverwatch mobile phone tracker program, you can control virus attacks on the phone of your children by monitoring the Geolocation of their cellphone, recording their calls and messages, and viewing their to-do list by remaining completely unseen by them.

Hoverwatch keeps you completely invisible

One of the main benefits of Hoverwatch as a mobile phone tracker is that users usually avoid the possibility of being monitored by someone. Whether your kids understand the working of their mobile phone or not, but they can never know that their parents are monitoring their activities on their phones. By remaining invisible and getting the right information from the phone of their children, parents can easily protect their phone from the virus infection.

Tracking calls and text messages


Hoverwatch also allows the parents to track the incoming and outgoing text messages and calls on the phones of their children. They can also see the MMS and SMS messages sent or received by the target phones. Along with allowing you to see the images and videos sent through MMS but also record them to use later on to control the kids.

Tracking Geolocation

This feature of Hoverwatch allows you to record the location of the target gadget on an online map by using its GPS. It can find out the location of the target phone by using its cell towers, GPS, and Wi-Fi signals.

Monitor To-do list

Keylogger is one of the essential features of Hoverwatch. Parents can use it to follow the to-do-list of their children. In today’s corona infected environment, the parents need to know the future engagements of their children. Today, most youngsters make notes of their programs and meetings in the to-do-list of their mobile phones to keep it handy. In this way, you can know the activities of your loved ones through this mobile phone tracker.

How to install the Hoverwatch program

Installation of Hoverwatch on the target phone is effortless. You can avail of its benefits like recording SMS, tracking the location of the mobile phone, and checking the history of calls made and received as well as their activities on social networks by installing it on the mobile phone of your kid. You can download Hoverwatch in three easy steps like:


Signing up: You can sign up with Hoverwatch to open a free account just by entering your email address and password of your choice.

Ready your device for monitoring: You can easily download and install this mobile phone tracker on your phone after opening an account with Hoverwatch.

Start monitoring: You can use your account to go through the data of calls and messages recorded by this application, along with tracking the location of the device through its GPS.

How do you avoid getting COVID-19 infected from your phone?

You can use your phone to prevent infection of Covid-19 by providing:

Tips from the Medics

You can convey specific medical suggestions to your kids like:

  • Wash your hands carefully and frequently
  • Avoid hugging and shaking hands for a few days
  • Avoidtouchingyourface
  • Avoidsharingpersonalitems
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing
  • Avoid drinking and eating in public places
  • Quarantineyourselfifsick

Sensor care

You can use sensors installed on your phone to collect data from the phone of your child through Hoverwatch to ensure that he has worn a mask or not to avoid the infection of Coronavirus.

Using voice assistants

Elderly and visually impaired people who cannot use mobile phones with a touchscreen to get exact information about the pandemic can use voice assisting devices like Alexa and Siri etc. to understand how Coronavirus is affecting life all over the world.

Conclusions and results

Thus, you can protect your children from the infection of COVID-19 by using a mobile phone tracker Hoverwatch.

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