How Does Banner Advertising Work?

Banner signs can be an excellent investment for advertisement of your business. Even in the age of smartphones and tablet PCs, where digital marketing is replacing the traditional marketing, banner signs are still relevant. Contrary to what most business owners think, outdoor banner advertising still work wonders for a business.

Offline banner advertising is just as popular as it was years ago. Banner Advertising is necessary for every business, and you can use banner ads for a variety of purposes. It helps customers to locate a business, improve sales and brand image, and target the local as well as hard to reach customers. This post explains how banner advertising works best for your business.

High Impact

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Banner advertising has a high impact on the minds of the viewers. Unlike digital marketing mediums like TV or radio, you cannot turn them off. People have no control over whether they want to view the ad or not, as the bold graphics, colors and large size attracts their attention. Therefore, outdoor banners have a high impact on your prospective customers.


Banner advertising is a cost-effective form of marketing. Once you install a billboard or mesh banner at a high traffic location, it continues to advertise your brand and product until you replace them. Unlike digital marketing, you don’t need to pay frequently for banner advertising. Therefore, banner advertising is a cost-effective solution as compared to other forms of advertising.

Banner Advertising is engaging

Unlike other modes of marketing, most of the people like banner advertising. People like the locations with billboards and vinyl banners as compared to the locations with no banners. For example, according to a research done by APN outdoor, around 71 per cent of Australians prefer buses with banner ads as compared to the coaches without ads.

Helps to find a business

Businesses that are located away from the main markets are hard to be found by the new customers. Such enterprises use the banner ads to help their prospective customers find their location. They often use a traditional sign like aluminum sign and install it on the main road to help customers locate their store.

Business like small shops in a shopping centre which are not visible from the main street install aluminum signs on the roadsides to show the way to their location and help people reach them.

Creates Awareness

Banner signs create instant awareness in the minds of people about the present offers like discounts and off-season sales. People are creatures of habits and travel the same routes daily while commuting to the office or market.

When they see your banner sign daily, the message gets saved in their minds, and they remember your business and product or service for long. Your prospective customers come to know about your business and offerings through banner advertisements. In this way banner ads are helpful in creating awareness about your brand and company.

Boost salesUsing banner advertisements is one of the best ways to boost your sales. People come to know about your new and existing products or services through banner ads. Although there are other ways such as television, radio ads and social media marketing to advertise your offerings, banner ads cover a wide range of audience.

People who don’t have access to television or internet services know about your products and services through banner ads. Some people may not watch a TV show in which your ad appears however they cannot ignore a billboard installed at a busy location like traffic lights or the local market. Using banner ads at high traffic locations is a great way to boost your sales.

Attract social media and web traffic

Banner advertising is an excellent way to attract web and social media traffic. You can show the URL of our website and social media pages in your banner advertisement. Customers can log in to your website to see your products and services. You can also create your banner ads and display them on your site.

Moreover, the online banner ads will help you to advertise your products and services on your social media pages. As nowadays most people use social media on their mobile phones, people who see your banner ads can check your social media pages using the URL you display in your advertisement.

Builds your brand

Banner advertising helps businesses to develop their brand. A brand is the most critical factor of a business. People should know your business before they know about your products or services. Therefore, it is essential to advertise your brand before you advertise your new product or service to your customers.

Once you create the brand image of your business, it is easy to sell what you offer to your customers. It is essential to display the color, logo or picture of your brand in your banner advertisement.

Target a specific audience

Banner advertisements help you to target a particular audience for a product or service. It is easy to customize the banner ads according to the tastes and needs of the people in a specific location. For example, you can create more fun and colorful ads to display on a beach or resort. However, the banner ads to be shown in a business park should be a bit formal and streamlined.

Final words

Banner Advertising is a part of offline marketing. Although it is a traditional way of advertising, works well even in the era of digital marketing. It helps you to advertise your brand image, create awareness among people, boost the sales and also help you in online promotion of your business. The most important advantage of using banner ads is that they continue to advertise your business until you replace them.

However, you need to comply with the local laws and regulation regarding the installation of banner ads at a location. Banner advertising works well for offline as well as online marketing. You can use both the options to make the best of your marketing strategy.

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