How Mobile App Localization Can Boost Your Applications Downloads?

How Mobile App Localization Can Boost Your Applications Downloads

Are you on the fence of deciding whether you should localize your mobile app or not? Well, don’t you worry! We are here to show you just what the right decision is! Here are the reasons that you shouldn’t localize your mobile app:

  • If you don’t want access to the global market.
  • If you are not ready to tap into unlimited sales potential
  • You don’t need a competitive edge
  • You want to stay invisible or have limited visibility

Wait. What? Do you want all those things? Well, then it is decided, you are getting your mobile app localized. Now that you have decided to take the leap, let’s take a more detailed look at what mobile application localization is.

What is Mobile App Localization?

In simple words, mobile app localization means the modification of an app in order to adapt to the culture, language, and other components of the country that is being targeted

Mobile app localization can be a very daunting process, which is why businesses usually fail to take advantage of it. It requires quite some effort, time, and hard work but those who see it through are rewarded in the best way imaginable.

Why is Mobile App Localization so Important?

Mobile phones are more global than anything else in the world. You may or may not find one thing or another but you will find a smartphone in everyone’s hand. Mobile apps are how people do things these days.

If you don’t already have an app then there is bad news – you are behind. People not only want apps these days, but they also want apps that are adapted to their own society. Having just an app is no longer enough, localization has become a must.

Mobile app localization is one of the most effective ways to boost downloads in every store that you have launched your app in. These are a few of the many reasons that app localization is a good idea.

App Stores: Both Apple store and Play store favor the apps that are localized in regards to rankings, so they can enhance the user experience of their customers.

Non-English Countries: Not all countries speak English, in fact, there are some that don’t even learn English at all. In these regions, there is only one way to reach out to the market and that is in their own language.

English-Speaking Countries: there is a whole lot of difference between the kinds of English spoken in countries like the US, the UK, and Australia. Localization can help even in this case, for example, in choosing keywords.

How Can Mobile App Localization Boost Downloads?

The ultimate goal of any business decision is to increase the returns. In case of an app that is measured by the number of downloads. Android app localization can help you boost downloads because:

Access to Global Market

Mobile app localization gives you a gateway into the global market that means that you have an increased customer base and ultimately have an increased download rate. Of course, the key is to choose a country that is showing not just a demand of your product but also has the potential for its localized version.

Sales Potential

With localization, many doorways are opened to your app. And that means that you have a potential customer base and an unlimited sales potential ahead of you. Whatever your app is, there is a need for it in the global market.

An Edge over the Competition

While your competition is way behind, thinking about how to beat you in one market, you are taking the game to the next level. You are catering to the market in their own way, attracting the market better than a foreign language. This automatically wins you the favor of the customers.

Increased Visibility

This is where localization becomes so much more than just translation. It adapts the mobile app in a way that it caters specifically to that market which includes keywords localization as well. This makes your app more visible to the particular market, and the localized app sway the user into downloading it.

What to Keep in Mind When Localizing an App?

Localization has become a necessity for businesses if they want to survive the long-run. In order to succeed there are some things that should be kept in mind while localizing a mobile app.

It is Not Just Translation

Localization never just means translation. The translation is just a subset of localization along with a change in currencies, date formats, and even adopting the conventions of the society.

It Goes Beyond the App Itself

Businesses usually mistake app localization just for the changes in the mobile app itself, but that is not the case. App store listing localization is just as important as the localization of the app itself, in order to make it visible to the audience. This includes localization of the keywords and metadata so that the customers can see your app when they search for it.

Choose the Right Tools

Localization is a long and elaborate process, you can’t afford to go back every time to make a change. Make a wise decision the first time and choose a tool that makes your transition as flawlessly as possible.

Data is the Key

Where the data is, the money is considering you know how to put it to good use. In this particular case, for instance, you can extract data as to where your mobile app is already high-rated and then localize according to that market. Penetrating a market that knows you have a high chance of return than the one that you have no footing in.

One Bird in Hand…

Localization can be very rewarding, but it is also a very intricate process. Focus on one market at a time, take it slow and make it right the first time you do it. Don’t lose your focus trying to woo the entire global market by translating your mobile app in all languages all at once.

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