How Much Can You Make As An Android Developer?


Let’s face it; the last few years have been really good for the mobile industry. Mobile usage has increased over five times in the last few years, and has put it as a top dog when it comes to media consumption among Smartphone users. And with mobile Internet gaining momentum, the mobile app industry has straddled right along with it. Revenues from mobile apps are expected to hit $ 75 billion this year.


There are numerous reasons why you might want to develop an app. To start off, as is the case for many creatives, it all sprouts from pure passion for developing something from the ground up that can be utilized by hundreds to millions of people to help ease their day to day activities. That in itself is an accomplishment and often enough to garner interest from tech enthusiasts or those with a creative mind. Satisfying as it is to create something that could have a great impact of the society, there is also the element of profit. What do you stand to gain from this?

A few have developed apps and lived to tell their success stories which not only includes creating an efficient app but making money off it as a token of appreciation for their hard work and ingenuity. So naturally, as an android app developer, the question of how much you stand to gain still looms in the background of your imagination. In this article we will help answer some of the questions you might have with regards to this. Is app developing a viable industry? How much on a scale of hundreds to thousands of dollars is developing apps worth?  With the help of recent statistics and studies, we will help narrow down just how much you stand to earn as an android app developer.

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Breaking It Down…

There are different factors that come into play and ultimately determine how much an android app developer can earn from their app or apps. On a much broader scale, recent study from App Annie that analysed three big regions including America, APAA and EMEA revealed that in 2015, Asian app developers generated $28.4 billion in total, $27.4 billion for the Americans and $13.5 billion for European app developers.

In 2016, the revenue significantly increased in all regions, but the dynamics reminded static with Asian countries garnering $37 billion, $35 billion for their American counterparts, and ringing in third is European mobile app developers raking in $16.5 billion. Fast forward to two years to the present and the upward trajectory is still trending with Asian app developers projected to make $85 billion in total, a close $74.5 billion for the Americas and Europe making a significant growth with a $29 billion in app revenue.

Breaking It Down Even Further…

On a smaller scale, how much do average do mobile app developing companies in different countries earn? According to statistics by Mobiversal, an android mobile application development company in the US holds the top position where it comes to capital generated from apps with developers earning as much as $107,000 per year. Canada follows suit with $68,000, Australia comes in close third with $ 66,000 and India winds up the list raking in $ 4,100.

Breaking It Down To Experience

Another key factor that determines how much an android app developer earns is how many years of coding experience they have under their belt. This plays a big role in determining how much a company is willing to pay an app developer for their professional services. According to research by Indeed, having a minimum of 5 years coding experience can a earn an app developer $40,000 in Europe, $50,000 in Canada and a whooping $75,000 in the US. Having 5-10 years of coding experience could earn an app developer, $ 100,000-112,000 in the US, about $55,000-70,000 in Canada and an average of $50,000 in European countries.

What about Hourly Rates

The dynamics are moderately the same when it comes to android application development hourly rates. According to statistics from PayScale app developers from North America generate $168 per hour, $110 per hour for those in Australia and $26 per hour for app developers in India. App developers in the UK garner an average on $70 per hour.


Nearly all developed and most developing countries are well on their way to having a fully functional mobile ecosystem, which includes the latest mobile technology advancements. All these factors will continue to create more markets for mobile app developers and generate more revenue with increasing demand. Bottom-line, app developers stand to reap big from their creativity and it will only get better with time.

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