How much does it cost develop an eCommerce Mobile App?

How much does it cost develop an eCommerce Mobile App?

Are you an eCommerce business owner? Do you wish to rock in this skyrocketing online competition? Won’t you prefer churning better ROIs on your marketing efforts? If the answers to these questions are “Yes”, you are reading the right article. The best way to reach your eCommerce business goals is to have your own eCommerce mobile app in place.

Well, most of the business owners are puzzled about the cost involved in building an own eCommerce mobile app. For instance, not everyone knows the details overview and the exact figures while creating an eCommerce mobile application.

If we talk about your eCommerce website, having your own landing page or website makes your business livelier and enhances its credibility. And, in this modern tech era, people don’t trust the credibility of any business if it has not established a strong online presence. The online presence is not only limited to the website but it also equally considers a mobile application.

According to the research conducted by Criteo, in mobile apps, conversion rates are 3x higher compared to mobile sites and even 1,5 times more per session as compared to desktop. Further, people view 4.2x more products per session within mobile apps, compared to mobile sites.

research conducted by Criteo

Need for eCommerce mobile app

The utility of an app is on another level as it leads to more customer involvement and facilitates regular updates with user notifications. As people are busy in their lives, but still by your own mobile application, you can catch their attention with your exclusive offers and discounts.

The utility of an app is on another level as it leads to more customer involvement and facilitates regular updates with user notifications. As people are busy in their lives, but still by your own mobile application, you can catch their attention with your exclusive offers and discounts.

With a mobile app, a business can altogether provide a novel and better shopping experience for its users. Till date, there have been many successful ecommerce mobile apps. The examples include, but not restricted to, Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Starbucks, Walmart, etc.  Have you ever wondered why these apps are highly popular? These apps are in demand because of their user-friendly features.

Estimated costs of developing eCommerce mobile app

Estimated costs of developing eCommerce mobile app

Once you decide to have your own eCommerce mobile app, your initial step should be determining a framework under which the application will promote your business and exactly what type of app is demanded by your business. People don’t keep those apps which lag and doesn’t run smoothly, always keep this thing in mind. Besides, your preference should be the native app that includes- android enabled and installed without any hindrances which will maximize your sales.  But for these user-friendly features,  you need to spend a few bucks. The overall cost depends upon the platform, design, features, functionality, etc.

Let’s understand the cost structure required to build your own eCommerce mobile app:

1. The Play store / App store cost is the compulsory expenditure

Just building an app will make you go nowhere. So the very first cost you need to budget is the cost of publishing your app on Google Play store or iOS App Store. Being one of the leading stores, Google Android market costs $25 as one-time publishing fees. For applications and in-app products that you sell on Google Play, the transaction fee is equivalent to 30% of the price. You receive 70% of the payment.

And, to publish an app in the App Store you will need an Apple Developer Licence – this is $99/annually. Here also, if you want to sell your app as a “Paid App” on App Store, Apple will charge around 30% from your earnings.

2. The crucial development cost of your eCommerce mobile app

The mobile app development can be a serious thing, so one cannot be frivolous about it and should devote proper attention. From its types of equipment to the testing of the software, everything is important and included in the total development cost. So, let’s have a look at the development division-

  • The wireframe is the first step which requires your choice making, as the cost depends upon the pages that are being used in the layouts. The numerous wireframes are drafted by the e-commerce application development company and then the respective choice is made. Likewise- the cost of the wireframes of more than 3 pages can cost around $1500. So, choose wisely according to the requirement as well as considering the pocket.
  • Then comes the design cost phase, which is all about the appearance and the appeal. In this competitive duration of the hour, everybody prefers the ones with a most appealing interface and the utmost luxury design. The more you make it luxurious and attractive, the more will be the rate of the usage by the public. The designs involve various elements, so always prefer someone with deep knowledge and utmost creativeness. However, the versatility factor determines the cost of the designing of the mobile app but on the average, it costs around $2000 to $30000.
  • The functionality is vital for good user experience as the application is meant for the users and their experience and is based on their ratings after that. Basically, the functions are where the coding comes in existence and effect, so it depends on the number of variable features and type of features you want to put in your app by the e-commerce website development services providers.

In all, the development cost can alone cost on an average around $12000 to $150,000..

3. Total costs

There are various factors which must be checked and determined before calculating the overall cost.

  • Testing
  • App administration
  • The functionality and the features included
  • The infrastructure and architecture.
  • The creative design.
  • Deployment
  • Plotting and planning

Basically, the total cost ranges $30,000 to $170,000, which involves almost all the factors until the beginning of the usage and launch.

4. Additional costs are also there

The extra costs can include the license fees of the software of the platform, the advertising cost, extra charges for the social media platforms, live support and maintenance cost etc. These additional costs can be around $500 to $1800 most probably.

Closing thoughts: The cost is worth it

The amount of money you will be spending and giving to the eCommerce Mobile Application Development Company is worth it as the money you will make aftermath will make you realize it. Besides, you can find a retail mobile app developer that might enable you to save a few bucks. The only advisory factor is if you are spending; don’t just consider it as expenditure. Rather consider this spending as an investment which will be fruitful for you in the long run.

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