The Top 8 Android Apps that Ruled 2024

The top 8 android apps that ruled 2024

The current era is being ruled by apps of different kinds, serving different purposes. Till March, 2024, there were more than 3.3 million apps on the Google Play and the number is increasing every day. But there are plenty of apps which offer the same functionality and that’s what makes it difficult for users to choose the best one. For example, there are so many apps that will pay you but you have to find the most reliable one amongst them.

So, instead of browsing for hours and checking each app, we have saved you a lot of time by compiling some of the best apps that ruled 2024.

1. 1Weather

There is no doubt that the 1Weather is currently the best weather forecasting app in the market. The simple design of the app contains vital weather information like current weather condition, forecast of upto 12 weeks, special radar and many fun yet useful stuff. In addition to the app, you will get a set of customizable widget and notifications for weather changes. The special radar in the app will warn you against approaching storms and its minimal design will allow you to check the weather in the way you want.

The free version of the app has all the features and the paid version only removes the ads from the apps. So you can easily go for the free version as the ads have been designed in such a way that they will not bother you while using the app.

2. Google Opinion Reward

You can’t expect anything better from an app if it is paying you for your every opinion. Sounds interesting? Yes, this is what the Google Opinion Reward app offers you. You will be paid through this app for filling out super-quick surveys that will be provided by Google. None of the surveys in the app takes longer than a minute to fill and the price paid for the survey can vary from one another.

But doesn’t matter how less you are being paid, earning money by just filling a one minute form from the comfort of your home is the best way to spend your free time.

3. LastPass

Everybody knows the basic rules of setting a password, but with multiple accounts, it sometimes becomes difficult to be secured against all the odds.

The LastPass app helps you to stay secure with your passwords as it generates long and very hard to crack passwords which are unique to each site. You may need to spend some time understanding the basics of the apps, but once you are ready; you will be able to reap the benefits of this app without any hitches. You also don’t need to memorize the passwords because the app automatically detects a login screen and then autofill your password.

4. Endomondo

If you are a fitness freak and like to track your workout, then Endomondo can be your best training partner. It might be one of the oldest apps in its category but is still as popular as it was during its initial launch, thanks to the regular updates and improvements.

The app can track more than 60 sports including golf, climbing and ice skating. Along with the tracking of route and distance, this useful app can also measure your calorie, speed, pace and much more. And in case you are not able to find the sports in the list; you can manually enter your workout, so that you can keep a track on it.

5. Greenify

One of the most common issues in the mobile phone which most of the users face is the battery issue. While there are plenty of apps that claim to keep your battery healthy while avoiding unnecessary battery draining, but the Greenify is the only app which does what it says.

This powerful app stays in the background of your mobile phone while regulating how much battery is being used by the apps installed on your phone. If you don’t need an app, then the Greenify will instantly freeze it, and it also defrosts the app if you need access to it.

6. Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher app isn’t like any other launcher app as it has extended its capability beyond what normal launchers usually are. The app keeps getting updated with useful improvements and additions and that’s what makes it the no.1 choice among the users.

It can back up your home screen setup and it also comes with numerous customizable items for your home screen and app drawer.Along with that, you can make it look like the Pixer launcher and all the tools of the app are quite user-friendly and easy to understand.

7. Bouncer

Security and Privacy are the two biggest concerns in this digital era where people want to have more control on the way they use their gadgets. The Bouncer app can help you do that.

This advanced and unique app allows you to temporarily grant permission to an app. For example, if you are using Facebooks, then you can allow this app to use your camera but only for a few seconds. So with Bouncer in your mobile, you don’t need to worry about what apps are doing in the background.

8. Onedox

Every month, you must be getting piled up with different bills for different companies with different amounts to pay. In such situations, it becomesreally difficult to keep a track on how much is being spent.But you can use the Onedox app for dealing with such issues as it allows you to link your account which helps you to see all your bills at one place. You can easily see how much you are paying for each of the bills and what is the date of renewal.

Apps have now become a very important part of our life as they help us in simplifying everything; from our daily activities to business operations. And that’s why we compiled the list of some of the best apps which ruled the 2024, so that you can get a glimpse of what was trending in 2024.

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