Top SEO Strategies for Voice Search in 2024

The revolutionary introduction of voice search has made it very convenient for every mobile device user to get answers to their queries. If you have ever get involved into commands like. Hey Siri, find the best hotel near me? Or anything like that, you are actually one of those 58 percent of people who use voice search to find local businesses. According to the statistics shared by Bright Local in 2024, people who have smart speakers at home use voice search to find answers to their queries at least once in a week.

The idea of voice search is becoming more popular with each day passing because hitting a query using the browser needs you to unlock your device and type it in the browser for the answer. However, the voice-operated search gives you instant results from the best sources around the web. Therefore, it is very natural for the entrepreneurs to have concern for voice optimization of their website as a part of Voice SEO plan. Especially, when users are engaged in regular voice use to work on queries related to weather, traffic, and nearby repair shops, it is very important to accommodate the search pattern of voice users. Today, we will be sharing you the top SEO strategies that can help you work on voice search improvement on your website in 2024.

Ensure A Mobile Friendly Website

Let us make things very simple before we dig deeper into voice search optimization. Most of the time when we take benefit of voice search in our device, we are either using a mobile device or we are engaged in some important activities. This is the reason why 20 percent of searches are voice-operated rather than those traditional text queries. Therefore, the primary goal of voice optimization should be a website that displays on the top of SERPs.

Overall, voice search saves the user’s efforts and time for a more personalized search experience. Just like the way you only go for those results that are on the top of the page, Google brings the data from those websites that rank on the top as voice results. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a great website that runs on mobile first goals. Thus, to make your website more mobile friendly for better voice compatibility needs you to aim at responsive design, reducing the page load time, compressed visual data, better clickable buttons, and use of clearer text.

Structure Data Markup

There has been a new trend seen around the world where people are engaged in the use of smart assistance voice-operated device at home like Alexa from Amazon and google home. This is very natural because users can easily get the results for their queries by simple voice commands rather than using text-based questions. The right use of structured data on your website could be a resource for search engines as it will direct users to your website.

Comscore has predicted that by the end of the year 2024, almost 50 percent of searches would be voice-driven, therefore you can take the benefit of structured data markup and rich snippets on your website to wrap the most informative content. This will help you improve the reach of your website for the voice users. Schema markup helps the users and search engines to have faster access to the information on your website and to implement the right code to your website, all you need is a strong tool like google’s structured data markup helper.

Take Benefit of Google My Business

The third move which you must take to help your website a primary option for people that prefer voice search agenda is to improve your business listings. A properly filled and well-optimized Google business listing would help you to prove your credibility before the search engines. First of all, you should start optimizing your business listing with google my business page. Make sure you update all the necessary information such as opening hours, address, website URL, contact details, email and an essential business description.

Moreover, you can take some extra effort to optimize your business listing like asking your customers to share their feedback and reviews, replying to the user queries raised on GMB page, and keeping your GMB posted with images, business categories, services, etc for maximum user relevancy. These steps will actually help you stand tall on local search results and improving your chances to get featured snippets of your website. All in all, it is an essential move to ensure that voice operated searches land on your website.

Effective Content with Long Tail keywords

When people are using the advantage of voice support to know answers for their queries, most of the time they talk in an accent which is very natural and conversational. For instance, you may search “best hotel near me” for a text search while when you use voice to search the query turns out to be “take me to the best hotel near me.” Therefore, you can easily conclude that voice-driven searches are longer than text-based searches.

So, when you are on your way to developing content that is more oriented towards the voice users, you should consider taking those titles and keywords that seem to be more like voice version of the queries. The use of long tail keywords helps the users by taking them to relevant websites and links that are associated with their search. Thus, when you are on your way to developing content for your website, make sure you only work on content that can satisfy the needs of users. You can try to secure your position on snippets by writing content that only contains relevant information in minimum use of words with the best use of long tail keywords and catchphrases.

Natural Language of A Searcher

Last but not least, you should aim to create content which is easy to read for any use whether it is a professional who is informed about your business or a true layman. Your content should never sound like an expert’s essay, it should be more of casual content. You must be wondering that there is nothing like such difference in voice and text searches, but actually, the voice-operated searches are more casual and informal rather than text driven.

Therefore, you should try to write the content which is not just easy to read but aligns well with the search tone of the user. This can be achieved by resisting the hardest words from your vocabulary and using only the words that do not require extra efforts to understand the meaning before the user. You can always take the benefit of various tools recommended by the best SEO company in Chandigarh to know the readability statistics of your website.

The Final Thoughts

The year 2024 will bring so many updates and ideas that will be targeted on creating a pleasing user experience through voice search. No matter if you are a part of carpet cleaning business or you own a restaurant, by the end of 2024, a huge number of people would be searching for the services similar to your business through voice operation. And if you are trying very hard to stay ahead in the game and be the top pick for search engines as well as users, make sure you don’t skip working on the above strategies. Good Luck! Stay updated!

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