New technologies: Why PayPal is a Popular Payment Method in the iGaming Industry

When registering with an online gambling site such as Twin Casino Canada, your aims shouldn’t just be enjoying games and hopefully making some profits. You need to ensure that your funds are safe from online fraud and financial transactions can be made swiftly. This is why using PayPal as your payment method continues to be an extremely popular choice.

Why is this the case? Well, firstly let’s look at the important area of preventing online fraud. Sadly, this does exist but the use of PayPal is one way to ensure you don’t become a victim. Fraudsters are out to get hold of your personal information.

Once this is gained then they could be able to access your bank account and steal its contents. With PayPal though, there is little personal information for the fraudster to get their hands on. When using PayPal as a payment method at an online casino, all you are required to do is to supply the title of the email account that is linked to your account.

Knowing that is not going to mean the fraudster can then access your PayPal account as they don’t know your password. A security test is also regularly needed to enter your PayPal account and passing that is going to be difficult for the fraudster too.

A text may be required to be sent to your mobile phone giving a special code. Again, that is bad news for the fraudster so you can see why using this payment method is such a good idea. A growing number of online casinos accept PayPal as a payment method so finding one that does isn’t a tough task.

Now let’s look at the need for swift financial transactions when gambling at an online casino. When it comes to making a deposit into your account you want your funds to be able to be used as soon as possible. That is exactly what happens when using PayPal as your payment method.

Where PayPal really comes into its own as a payment method is when you wish to make a withdrawal from your account. Imagine you’ve been lucky enough to have a good win playing baccarat or poker for example. That’s great news and you will wish to withdraw your funds and start to enjoy using them.

If you are using a debit/credit card or bank transfer as your payment method, you may have to wait days before you have access to your funds. When using PayPal then your funds will be with you within minutes, so no waiting around.

You can see therefore that using PayPal as your online casino payment method can make financial transactions far swifter and a lot more secure.

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