8 Best E Commerce Platforms For Online Store Development

Setting up an online store is a challenging but profitable task. Due to the fast-growing nature of the ecommerce industry, more and more businesses are going online. Ecommerce retailers are using their online stores to sell products and services to customers across the globe and boost their brand awareness in the digital space.

If you’re an ecommerce business looking to build an e-store, then do read on, as today we’re letting you know about the top ecommerce platforms that you can use for developing a feature-rich and fast-performing online store.

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Best E Commerce Platforms

While deciding which platform would suit the requirements of your ecommerce business, it is imperative to take certain key factors into consideration. From checking the mobile-friendliness of the platform to evaluating its security features, you should check the various aspects of the platform. Listed below are some of the most popular platforms used for ecommerce development.

  1. Shopify

When it comes to ecommerce development, very few platforms have been as successful as Shopify. As per the market report, over a million ecommerce companies are using this platform. Dynamic, versatile and feature-laden, Shopify is one of the most-sought after platform for ecommerce web development services.

Not only is it ideal for individuals who’re not from a technical background, but in terms of mobile optimization, fast loading speed, and powerful security system, Shopify offers the ultimate platform for ecommerce businesses across the globe. Anyone looking to build a robust and responsive can consider using Shopify for a variety of ecommerce solutions.

  1. WooCommerce

Used by ecommerce businesses of all sizes, WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin from WordPress. Popular for its custom functionality and ease of app integration, this user-friendly platform can help your business build a scalable online store.

A free open-source platform, WooCommerce features a huge range of themes and comes with a robust security system that makes it rather impossible for online threats to cause harm to your web shop. Also, in terms of versatility, this ecommerce development platform scores higher than a majority of other platforms.

  1. Magento

If you want to use a platform for ecommerce web development services that offers the best of functionality and security, then Magento is the right choice for your business. Equipped with advanced SEO solutions, this open-source platform enables smooth third part integration. The capacity of this platform to handle tasks makes it an ideal option for large scale ecommerce business.

The e-stores built on this platform are secure, safe, versatile, mobile friendly, and fast. The team of Magento developers at Erisn can create a customized ecommerce website design that can help your business stand out from the crowd.

  1. BigCommerce

Another well-touted open-source platform used for building ecommerce websites is BigCommerce. Ecommerce retailers all over the world use this ecommerce development platform as it helps create fast, functional, responsive, and user-friendly websites.

Supporting all the major payment gateways, BigCommerce is the right choice for new businesses that are looking for budget-friendly options. Additionally, the platform’s SEO friendliness enables it to help your business receive higher search engine rankings.

  1. PrestaShop

Affordable and user-friendly, PrestaShop is an easy platform that does not require much technical knowledge for setting up. It is another worthy contender in the marketplace. The one thing that sets it apart from other open-source platforms is its simplicity.

The platform is a true favourite amongst start-ups as it involves less development cost and offers multi-language support. Like other ecommerce platforms listed in the article, PrestaShop is also SEO friendly. However, when compared to the other software, PrestaShop offers a limited scalability option for ecommerce retailers.

  1. Opencart

Using Opencart for developing an ecommerce store for your business can prove to be extremely beneficial in achieving goals and taking the business to new heights. The platform provides efficient ecommerce solutions.

It is an easy to install online store management system boasting multilanguage feature. Furthermore, the system gives businesses full control of the site features. It is ideal for an ecommerce company looking for an affordable and flexible option for creating an online store.

  1. Wix

Wix is a cost-efficient option for ecommerce retailers looking to develop an attractive and user-friendly e-shop for their customers. The platform helps you set up and manage your e-store with ease and convenience.

From letting you customize your web shop to providing a safe and secure environment for online payments, there are tons of ways in which using Wix ecommerce can help you propel your ecommerce business in the right direction.

  1. 3dcart

3dcart is another sought-after ecommerce platform that comes with a wide array of tools and technologies that enables it to create a top-performing online store for your business. Offering smooth social media integrations and search engine optimization, this platform can help you build a profitable online store.

By using 3dcart’s ecommerce solutions, ecommerce retailers can create a strong presence online and thrive in the highly competitive marketplace. Take advantage of this platform and build a web shop that engages more customers and boosts sales.

All the aforementioned ecommerce platforms have their own set of pros and cons. With their stand out features and user-friendly interface, these open-source platforms can enable your business to build a fast, robust, responsive, SEO-friendly online store and run it successfully. Regular security updates and top in the line features of these platforms make them indispensable tools for ecommerce businesses irrespective of their size.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which ecommerce software to use for the development of your online shop, then do contact us. We’re a leading firm in ecommerce website design and development services. Our developers and market experts can help you select the right platform for your business. Avail our customized ecommerce web development services and help your business thrive.

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