What is a digital copywriter?

You’ll probably answer that a digital copywriter writes copy for digital platforms. Right? Yes, you’re right about this but if you give this type of answer in an exam or test you’ll only get one out of five marks. There’s a lot more that a digital copywriter does and needs to understand. A keen understanding … Read more

Rob Booker as the Trading Guru

I’ve wanted to cash in on the forex trade market for quite some time now. Spend time wheeling and dealing on the trade market to capitalize on the profit margins that any amateur can see are bound to pay off in huge numbers. However, the one thing that always held me back was the lack … Read more

How To Start Mozilla Firefox In Safe Mode

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Prospects of Online Betting Industry — What to Expect in the Future?

It is extremely difficult to predict the future of the online betting industry. However, by analyzing Internet trends and customer behavior, gaming experts can foresee some tendencies that will have a great impact on the online betting industry and its development. Thus, the prestigious print publication iGaming Business has prepared an overview of top sports … Read more