Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Are you interested in learning more about the Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2021? We’ve got you covered. With Paton Marketing being a premiere internet marketing service, we are fully aware of how to adapt to these changes and requirements that are positively imposed on us, because like other digital marketing agencies, we understand the … Read more

6 Ways to Market your Small Business for Less than $100

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For large businesses and organizations that have big advertising and marketing budgets, it is no big deal to spend a hundred or few hundred dollars on some campaign. It is only a small dent in their monthly marketing budget. In contrast, every dollar counts where a small business or entrepreneur is concerned. They have to … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Social responsibility has always remained a major factor in driving positive sales for the company. Because it helps draw people to understand the authenticity of the company and makes them realize that the company also works on the moral grounds despite just engaging in commercial circuit.  As a result, it gives businesses an elusive edge … Read more

The Advantages And Disadvantages to the social responsibility of business

What is social responsibility ? Social responsibility of business or corporate social responsibility affect the people and organization performing and conducting morally and with the sympathy toward social, cultural, economic environmental issues. Determining for social responsibility help individuals and organization and has a positive impact on the development of business and society. The social business decision … Read more

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology In Social Media

As we all know that the latest Technology is changing the way that we live our lives for many years. With this advancement of technology, We are really enabled to complete our daily routine tasks and maintain our lifestyle. And also with these abilities, our interactions with other people with our family, friends, and relatives … Read more

5 Ways To Use Social Media To Attract Holiday Shoppers

Social media has always remained a driving factor for sales and traffic for many brands. As they do find the medium very helpful to engage raw customers online and sell their products and services with it. for example Movies Jacket, particularly on special occasions, social media plays a huge role in making huge strides for … Read more

Social CRM – Connect Better with Your Clients and Employees

Today, many companies have begun to take social media information seriously to know more about customer behavior and interests. Basically, analysis of social data involves identifying selected keywords in posts and comments on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This helps to promote the company’s ability to detect potential customers. With the help … Read more