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Busy people equals a busy schedule and when the going gets tough we need ways to help us cope. Being pressed for time requires you to be more organised and productive but not everything can be done by yourself. You still need a little help to get you through the tasks and although technology can sometimes be a bit of a distraction, it can also be majorly beneficial to get around tasks just like this.

There’s a range of great productivity apps out there that can help you to save time and get on with the more important stuff.

# 1 Buffer:

If you own your own business or work as a social media executive you can get easily hounded with tweets, comments and replies. When you aim to take the time to go through them all, eventually you find that hours have past that could have been used to do something else. If you need to manage your social media then Buffer App will help out with exactly that.

It’s essentially a scheduling app which allows you to arrange posts or tweets at a time you find suitable or when is best for engagement. There will be certain times throughout the day where your social media followers are most active and this is key to engaging with them to drive sales for your business or company. So, if you have a plan set for the week or the month you can use the app to schedule your posts beforehand so you can carry on with other important tasks.

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#2 Hours:

Ever wonder just how much you get distracted and why you’re unable to always complete the tasks you need to do? Well, with Hours you have the opportunity to see just how your time is being utilised. If you know how you’re spending your time it can make it easier for you to be more productive. Hours tracks how much time you spend doing productive tasks compared to the distractions that you have throughout the day. Then it provides you with a summary at the end of the week of how productive you’ve truly been. This way you’ll know where your time’s being wasted and just how much. You can then look to improve on it each time you’re doing your tasks.

#3 Noisli:

Being able to concentrate and have fewer distractions is important. It’s the only way you’re going to be able to be productive. White noise is a common way people help themselves to sleep, but it can also be used to help you concentrate and get in the zone. Noisli is an app filled with a list of sounds that help you to become productive. The list range has anything from crashing waves to sound of rain hitting the ground. If you find yourself in an environment where you’re just unable to cope with the stress or somewhere filled with many distractions, Noisli is perfect for drowning it out and getting you in the mood.

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#4 Pushbullet: 

Many employees nowadays find themselves in a busy office working environment and some employers choose to provide their staff with a company laptop or phone. If that’s the case with you, one great way to keep on top of everything is with Pushbullet.

It easily syncs your computer with your mobile phone which means if you’re unable to use one for whatever reason, you can simply switch to the other device easily and continue where you left off using all the applications you had open before. You’ll have easy access to your phone for your social media, WhatsApp messenger and other phone apps through your desktop too. This is great for those who are actively engaged with their phone and use it for multiple tasks.

#5 Trello:

This is probably one of the most well known and common apps on the list. Trello is essentially a project management app and is commonly used in businesses worldwide. Whether you work individually or have a large team, Trello is perfect to make sure tasks are done when you need them to be.

It allows you to categorize tasks and display information like what the task is, who needs to complete the task, how much of a priority the task is and when it needs to be completed by. It also has a great feature of breaking down the tasks into parts so you can manage it more efficiently and easily. If you have many personal tasks to do then Trello will help to manage your tasks efficiently.

example of a Trello board to boost organisation and productivity

We live in a world where smartphones are an obsession for most and with their development, they’ve managed to provide app developers with a prime opportunity to create apps that some people almost can’t live without. Utilise the apps you have available and look to each week as a chance to become even more productive.

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