Why Mobile Apps Fail: A Need for Better Product

Why Mobile Apps Fail

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Mobile app development is something that has created a whirlwind storm in the industry. You cannot name one business that is not on mobile in one way or the other yet. It is the fastest way to connect with the audience, understand their requirements and bring the solution as per their demands. Businesses are eager to reach their target audience as competition is stiff and fluent. One miss and you lose the audience. If you don’t act swiftly, there are chances of the downfall of business real soon.

Mobile app development companies are bombarded with requests for developing mobile apps today. While the task purely requires considering the current marketing scenario, not every mobile app makes it to the top. Most of the mobile app often couldn’t even make it to launch, while others are rejected by users outrightly.

If facts are to be believed, there is a total of 4.1 million apps available combining both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. You will be surprised to know that two-thirds of the mobile apps fail to hit the basic number of 1000 downloads in the initial year after launch whereas 24% of users abandon using the apps after the first visit.

The question which arises here is why? Why do mobile apps fail to mark their place in the market as well as in users’ mobile phones? Is there something that could be done to improve the numbers and bring mobile apps to accepted and used by users. We are here to shed some light on this topic and share the solutions to make it successful.

Here Are the Top Five Reasons of App Failure

1. No Out of the Box Ideas

It’s all about the originality of the ideas that makes a mobile app stand out from the crowd. No one wants to use an app that has already been launched by other businesses. What new your app is offering? If the answer is nothing but just generic features, then your app is surely not going to be in the list of apps that will have a greater impact on the audience. Businesses need to bring original and fresh ideas before going to mobile app development companies. What is that a user wants? What are the current challenges of the user? Answer to these questions could lead to an idea and help the business to originate app idea that no other company has launched so far.

2. Lack of UI/UX

Now you have the original idea and app development company has developed your app, but if the app lacks basic UI/UX and user-friendliness then the app couldn’t go for long in the market. Users seek apps that are built considering their taste and latest trends embedded. Lack of UI/UX leads to abandonment of mobile app only after the first visit. There are a few things that you can look into to improve the situation:

  • App Loading Time: The time to load the app and its pages should be less and within seconds it should respond.
  • Design and Layout: Another important thing to look at is the design, colors, and layout of the mobile app. Good design, color scheme, and layout for easy navigation ease-out user’s dilemma is using the app

3. Not Understanding Target Audience

Another factor that leads to the failure of the mobile app is businesses often forget to understand the target audience and how to connect with them. It’s important to know the expectations of the target audience and how the app is going to cater to them. For instance, a business may come up with the idea of developing an app that is for children to expand their learning and abilities. Now the children alone won’t be the user of the app, their parents would be the first face to go through the app and approve the app for their children. If the business fails to take this into consideration, then there are chances that the app won’t make it to the right audience at all.

4. Complex Apps

Many times, businesses ask mobile app development companies to develop apps that are too complex to handle and work on. This kills the user’s excitement to use the app more than once. User experience is the utmost important thing in making a mobile app successful. User has no time to explore the complex app and then use it after a few sessions of app understanding. Apple was a huge hit amongst users because of its simplicity. The simpler the app, easier for users to use it. Making the app complex only degrades its use with time and eventually, it gets stranded in the list of numerous apps.

5. Fail to Offer Something New

Any product offered by any mobile app development company is supposed to bring something new for the users. But if we glance at the trend prevailing today, companies are just offering replicas of popular apps and nothing new. This of course disappoints the users and they are very much likely to abandon the app after the first use only. Therefore, creating an app just to make money is the very first step in the wrong direction. So, the right approach is to develop the application around an idea that looks great and would aid in creating an exceptional application. A company’s marketing team could play an essential role in surveying about the idea and then fetching the details of the survey to help developers choose the right idea.


You cannot fight hard to sustain your brand presence if the mobile app developed is complex, lousy, old, and not original. There are numerous apps that are introduced every day and the lack of originality led them all to their downfall. Any business with fresh ideas that cater to users’ current challenge is sure to be in welcome cards of the users. The launch of such apps entices users to experience them and make a transaction on them. The best move to make a mobile app successful is to keep it simple, original, and user-friendly.

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