Here Are Some Android App Development Mistakes To Avoid

android app development

Even though there are several millions of apps available on the internet, only very few of them are financially successful. In fact, the successful ones are less than 10 percent of the available android apps. It is rather unfortunate that app developers make little mistakes in android app development. These little mistakes take their toll … Read more

What To Look For In An App Design And Development Agency

App design

App development and design have become an integral part of any business’s success. No longer is it sufficient to provide quality products and services to your target audience because customers are now looking for convenience, ease of use and simplicity. According to stats, the global app downloads will reach 284 billion by 2020 and so … Read more

5 Profitable Benefits of Android Instant Apps for Businesses

5 Profitable Benefits

In 2016, at Google, I/O developer conference a new form of mobile application was coined which was Android instant app. What are these instant apps for? They act as a bridge between the gap of web application and native mobile apps. You must be wondering how? There was an idea to break a native mobile app … Read more